(1938-12-18) Silas: Mother's Letter to Rowena
Details for Mother's Letter to Rowena
Summary: Not a log, per se, but sharing the letter that resulted in the fracas that exploded in Mother Leaves an Impression
Date: 18 December, 1938

Mother Leaves an Impression
This is the first in a series of letters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

This culminates in the scene: A Father Learns

Dearest Rowena,

It troubles me to find myself in the position of reaching out to you this way, but it has come to my attention that certain things are progressing at your school, and I've been told you have taken no action as a result.

As you know, our families have been close, ever since your father joined my husband in their practice. I know that you care deeply about my son, have ever since you were a child. It has always been my fondest hope that the two of you would find each other at the school, and each year I've seen no movement there, I've been confused as this lack.

I don't know what conversations you and my son have had… but I know that he admires you greatly, and has talked incessantly about you over the past year… has even whispered of love.. but has seemed to be reticent to admit it to you. I fear he was afraid you'd reject him, or turn him away.

Perhaps I can give you the impetus, then, to take action. Another young girl, some low-born bit of chaff no doubt, is apparently vying for his affections. We had hoped to wait until you both were of age to speak to you of this… Silas has known, and it is part of what I thought was his eagerness toward you…

When you were born, a decision was made: we knew that the two of you would be a wonderful match… and decided that day that we would encourage such a pairing. A promise was made, to do everything in our power to make this a reality.

We know you care for Silas, and that his affection for you, while hidden, is grand. Please, do not let him be distracted from what fate has decided for him. Do not let this temptress take away from you, from us, what you deserve. Silas needs a strong hand to take his heart.

Much love, and with hopes to one day call you daughter,
Adrianna Meliflua

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