(1938-12-19) What Is Blood? (Esther)
Details for What Is Blood?
Summary: Esther reflects on the day, on the past, and on Blood.
Date: 1938-12-19

The top of the page bears a single, bloody fingerprint. It's Esther's index finger.

Blood. It's the most talked about thing these days. Some people talk about being pure. Some people aren't pure. Some people aren't even blood.

It all looks the same to me. But what if it isn't? What if the purists are right, and we're shying away from the way of testing it.

It sounds so sinister. I'm not about to research forbidden books, or read the works of witches and wizards long dead, to increase my power. I'll not score my flesh to make myself stronger. I'll not lose my soul to gain prestige.

But imagine. What if there was a strength to blood. A magical essence. One that could be defined - That could bring an end to this purity debate, once and for all! That way we'd know what strength was.

The bleeding isn't stopping. A moment.

A bloody smear separates the journal entry.

All of this came from a talk with Andromena today. A woman I might once have used as a tool in my war. I'm glad it didn't have to happen. She reminds me of myself. Well, a little. An edited version of myself, made prettier, smarter. More cool, calm and collected. I like her. A lot. She seems naive though, awfully innocent as to the ways of people. She wants to be a healer, too! What are the odds of that?

I told her I wanted a potion, that could prevent pain. She suggested runes. I thought that it would only be possible, if they were on 'someone'. I spoke the words. And she covered me, when asked. Could that be the answer? Much as I'd love to wonder if a written rune could do the trick… Perhaps the power, the magic that could allow this requires a constant source.

Blood? Are you really so important?

A droplet has been allowed to fall from the page, and a quill tip uses it as a reservoir, to write slowly. Esther Lowe.

… Nothing.

Myrus turns 16 soon. I wish I could attend his birthday. Hell, any of the parties that are happening… Instead, I'll be in Hogwarts, Alone. I'll be thinking of you though, my love. Your birthday present can wait. I'll make sure it's just as special.

I wonder if you'll burn brighter, with all of this Magic on you. Or if I'm just a silly girl, who pricked herself to make a point.

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