(1938-12-31) Goodbye, 1938
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Summary: Esther thinks back on 1938 in utter brevity, and forward to 1939 likewise. Most pressing on her mind? What she'll be doing come the turn of the new year.
Date: 1938-12-31

Farewell, 1938. Farewell, girlhood. This year has been big - Beyond big. If I could put quill to parchment about my life, this year - This three months - Would dominate the story. This year, I fell in love, made an enemy, fell in love again, was betrayed, was wrong more oft than I care to count, took up smoking, put on more weight than ever (I'm starting to look /good/), made friends, lost friends, bought land, lost family, found a cause, and built the beginnings of my own little Round Table.
Enter 1939. Enter, Womanhood. Sixteen, and ready to take on the world. This year… This year, I'll earn respect, take what's mine, accomplish great things. I welcome it with open arms. The one nice thing Jenny taught me is, that should I fail… Should I make this place a living hell - I have only got to tough it out until school ends. I'd /love/ to get my NEWTS, become a healer, change the world for the better. End pain. Cure suffering. Maybe even Stop Death. But I'd be happy - I'd be satisfied, with 'Rus, our home, food and family enough to last us.
It's time to grow up. And as adults… It's our turn to decide what that means to us. At midnight, the year turns.

'Rus. At midnight, I'm yours for the taking.
'Rus… It's time we became adults.

~Esther Lowe

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