(1939-01-08) PolyJuice and Promises
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Summary: Esther reflects on the Scholars, Douglas, Myrus and Zayn.
Date: 1939-01-08

This page seems to be almost ethereal now - as if it were destroyed via a Vanishing Spell.

Hello Diary;

Tonight, Zayn and I danced again. Not in competition, either. Close, and slow - So close I could smell him, feel the contours of his body against mine. I'd be lying if I said it didn't feel wondrous, but… I made things perfectly clear. We can be friends. No more than that. The amount of satisfaction I might take from a dance doesn't need to enter into the equation.
Everyone is back. It's a good feeling, to have people around again - I can't believe I'm saying that, but it's true. Some haven't come back quite so complete - Variel, still broken from the Cruciatus curse, Ria's house burned, Alphard's party got mildly pranked. It's been an interesting time though. I need to see Douglas about getting some more of that potion though. I can only imagine Myrus would be getting impatient :).
Douglas, who I invited to live with us. Something I should probably tell Myrus before he finds out another way. I've got a few people who have offered to help with building my home - And a few more interested in studying with me. That which we do not speak of - The magics that we're afraid to ask questions about.
I'm still trying to think of how we can possibly remain incognito. Masks are a fun idea, sure, but people will guess eventually. I thought playing with the Polyjuice Potion could be a lot of fun, but it takes FOREVER to brew and wouldn't be particularly cost efficient. Some kind of obscuring charm perhaps. So far, Variel, Andromena, Gresham and I are all participating. I want to see if Lucretia wants to join.

Evanesco. (The word is written in bright red.)

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