(1939-01-15) It's A Dream
Details for It's A Dream
Summary: Only a brief journal update, conflict with Zayn and Myrus.
Date: 1939-01-15

The back of this page is painted thickly with deep green. The piece of parchment has been sealed firmly into the back of Esther's painting of Zayn's sketch, painted in place so any attempt to remove it will result in illegible tears.

I don't dream much anymore. It's part of the reason why I stopped sleeping. But this morning, when I awoke from a fitful sleep to find the world still dark, the memory lingered. A dark room, and soft violin. Zayn and I, hand in hand, stepping slow and close. eyes closed. I place my ear against his chest, able to hear his heart quicken, matching the pace of my own. There's no telling when or why, but our eyes meet, his hand cups my cheek, and our lips join for what feels like an age. It breaks, and I woke feeling like walking downstairs and finding out just how he'd taste.

Instead, I lie here. Controlling my breathing, my thoughts, relying on the relaxing scratch of quill on parchment, waiting for the butterflies to fall still and the doubts in my mind to escape. Medusa might be right after all. But she's seldom wrong, these days.

I'll go into Hogsmeade next we're allowed in, and get some polyjuice potion for her, too. Maybe that'll help.

I'll keep my mind occupied for now. And keep these emotions in check until I know just what the hell is what.

Myrus; I still love you. I just want to know what that love means.

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