(1939-01-17) Love Letter
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Summary: Eibhlin replies to Augustin's letter
Date: 1939-01-17
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It sounds as if your family is glad to have you near in this difficult time. Know that I send my sympathies and share that with them if and when the time is right.

Good luck with picking a cook. I'd be happy to make something for you should I visit in the spring. I'm afraid I'm far better at muggle cooking than magical, but then I've had far more practice with the former. Really cooking isn't so hard, think of it like potions. You're just following a recipe.

School is as always with classes and study taking much of my time. Tensions are high as I'm sure you would expect given recent events. I assure you its nothing that you should be concerned with.

It should come as no surprise that your mother left the business to you. I think you've always known at some point you would come to own it all. If only the timing of it all weren't so soon. I am glad that your sisters have been able to bring a smile to your lips, and should Francine's child be a girl I think it only fitting that she name her after your mother. I may never have been able to meet her, and she may not have been pleased with our relationship, yet I believe she must have been a good and caring woman to have raised such a son as you.

Wizards I'm aware aren't usually raised in the ways of religion, but I myself was raised in the Catholic tradition. I've heard some in the wizard world say that God must be a terrible man for some of the things they've heard, yet I know that he is kind and loving. The Bible says that if you are truly a good person and truly repent your sins when you die you will go to heaven to be with God. Those whom we love become angels in heaven and watch over us when we need them most. I know it may not mean anything to you and Lizette and I've never had the misfortune of loosing someone so dear, but I believe your mother is watching over all of you.

I'm sure you already have, but tell Lizette what a brave girl she is. Read to her about bogarts for nightmares are similar in form. They may be terrifying, yet they can only hurt you if you let them and you need only the will to change them.

Sincerly Yours,

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