(1939-01-19) Jan 19
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Summary: Dora gushes over her meeting with the famous Dillorous Diderot.
Date: January 19th, 1939
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Today was AMAZING!

If anyone at all, ever, had told me last week that I would be getting to meet Dillorous Diderot I would have never in a million years believed them. He's famous! So absolutely famous and his books are everywhere and he's smart too, not just known for his adventure novels and I HAD LUNCH WITH DILLOROUS DIDEROT!!!!!!!!!


I had to get that out.

Honestly I just kind of wanted to come back and dance all over the dormitory but…people would have looked at me a little strangely for it. So…I waited until they were asleep. He's such a nice man! And he's so educated and he's got these amazing views on the world and on books and he was actually interested in the book club and he didn't even make fun of me when I knocked my drink absolutely all over the table.

Nevermind I think I almost ran out of the cafe like four times before he ever got there and then thought about it again, when I spilled my drink. I've never just…gone and done before. Generally I have someone there with me like Uly or Tarry but…I went! I went all by myself!

He said if there'd been a book club when he was in school, he would have loved to join it and that muggles write the most amazing stories and that his personal library is full of both! Both! And he didn't make a face or judge me for not wanting politics involved in things and he's just as good with his words in person as he is in his books and I just, I still can't believe I met him, is all. Like really, really met him.

He's going to talk to the book club. I'm still waiting to figure out if I need to talk to the Headmaster or if I need to make arrangements for everyone to meet in Hogsmeade but…he's going to come! He's going to do a reading and he's going to come and it's going to be amazing! I can actually do this!

1. Ory
2. Book Club
3. Tango
4. Quiet streets with snowflakes that seem to dance right along with you.
5. Confidence. Which, seems strange, I know and sounds strange and shouldn't be a thing to make you happy but I feel pretty happy right now and confident and I think this means that there can only be good things to come in the future.

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