(1939-01-24) Jan 24
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Summary: Dora sorts through the no good very bad week.
Date: January 24th, 1939
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Journals are for happy things, right? For happy memories and good days and places to put your thoughts on what you'd like to do in life and in the world and I'm really sorry, that I'm behind on mine. I am.

It was a mostly good week. At least, it was until Wednesday. Wednesday was a bad day. Thursday was a bad day. Today was terrible.

Some people are just not nice. Not nice at all. Some people are simply mean. Some people there is positively no hope for, although that statement is unfair, there is probably hope for Thomas but I don't know that I can help him find it. Alphard tried. He did. Everything was so pretty, so carefully done and Tommy made sure I knew that Alphard was responsible for setting up every little detail. I should probably thank him for that, for going out of his way to make it nice from the table cloth to the heart shaped chocolate mousse, he didn't miss a trick.

And it was, I suppose, by appearances, everything that a first date ought to be even if the person was wrong. I guess I could focus on that. I guess. I don't…

It's over, that's what matters. No more name dropping, lesson learned. So many lessons this past week and none of them, none of them have particularly good. There have been, I think, too many sad people, too many hurtful things and not enough time to recharge. To sort through it and get back to that place where things are…good and safe and happy and okay.

I need to focus on tomorrow, there's a book club thing. I need to focus on next weekend because there's another one. I need to figure out just the right potion to make sure his clothes come out soft, I guess and to make sure the blood stains from his quidditch practice don't ruin his robes. Best to sort it out now too, since I've got another year and almost a half to look forward to doing it.

Red wine

I can't even follow my own rules. The list is short. There's too much to sort through from the whole week. I'll just be glad when it's over.

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