(1939-02-02) A New Vintage
Details for A New Vintage
Summary: Esther's mind turns to her mother, after an encounter with Gabriel - And to the duelling Club.
Date: 1939-02-02

Once burnt, the ashes of the fire are turned. Esther doesn't want this note seen by anyone.

"Ester." Wilheminia used to say, "Imagine each of the Pureblood families as fine, vintage wines. This vintage is pure, delightful. It represents our magic. Each time a new Pureblood child is born, each family contributes and fills their glass." There was a pause, for effect. "Do you understand, girl?" Girl. Esther would look down. Hold her breath in. "Yes, Mother."
"The wine stays pure. Vintage. Although there are some new flavour combinations, the truth is that we are all still magic. We shouldn't mix our wine with water, Ester - It weakens it. And then, the glass that we've tainted with water… When the subsequent glasses are proportionally more and more water, who is to say whether what's left is wine? Who is to say if, given time, there will be magic left at all." And then her hand lashed out, grasping Esther by the chin fiercely. Gripping it in her bony fingers… Leaving Esther painfully aware that her wand was not at her side, but at her mothers. "You're vintage blood. And you will not shame me by mixing with water."

Mother. Wilheminia. I'm starting to think you're wrong. Not because of what that boy said, I think he's an optimist and an idiot. But I'm starting to think that if there's any chance of ever breeding ourselves free of magic, the Mudbloods are the solution… Not the problem.

Is there nothing more 'wine' than new wine? No doubts as to whether or not it's turned to vinegar. Fresh flavours. Able to reconstitute water. Is there really any reason to doubt that these so called Mudbloods might be the new Purebloods - The magical folk that don't have any magical lineage? If there's a question… Might they be the answer?

The right questions. Wrong answers. Wrong questions? I don't know. I just need to think.

I cleared my head, and decided to take some time out for Duelling. Variel and I knocked eachother out, although… It seems the Potion had the last laugh. I miscast, midway through the duel, and nearly lost for it. His actions lately have been more friendly. Perhaps discarding him was premature.

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