(1939-02-05) Silas: Mother's Letter to Silas
Details for Mother's Letter to Silas
Summary: High off of what she believes to be a win for her, Silas' mother begins making suggestions on how he should move forward.
Date: 05 February, 1939

This is the fourth in a series of letters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

This culminates in the scene: A Father Learns

My dearest son,

I received your owl today, and have immediately set myself to pen this response. Know that your father and I do not revel in your pain, although we cannot deny that knowing that this girl of yours has seen fit to remove herself from the equation gives us hope that you will one day see that our actions and desires for you have your best interest as their motivation.

I've attached to this letter a box of Bertie Bott's. I know you love them so much, and hope it may ease your heart at least a touch.

This said, knowing you feel adrift at the moment, I hope you'll see the following as merely suggestions, hopeful encouragement from a mother who wants to see you become what you truly can. Word has come to me that you have taken action to try to take the seat of House King this year, with the blessing of the current Queen herself. Now there, son, is a match you should be looking for. I hear she's with a Gryffindor boy, but one such as you shouldn't find it too difficult to earn her hand.

Barring that, do not discount young Rowena. She may be Hufflepuff, and I know you think her vain… but she is young, impressionable. A gentle hand could easily form her into exactly the sort of mate you're looking for, and she is already devoted to you.

I'm worried about you, son. I'm told you are pulling more and more mudbloods into your circles. There have already been letters to me worried that you may be turning blood-traitor. We've taught you what these people are, and what they mean to do to our bloodlines. Don't sully yourself with such people… even first-years. You have more important things to achieve, without them.

Please, know that you can reach out to me. We can find you a better match. I promise you.

- Mother

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