(1939-02-09) Silas: Mother's Letter to Silas
Details for Mother's Letter to Silas
Summary: The hammer drops. Angered by her son's last letter, Silas' mother gives him an ultimatum: Choose Genevieve, or his future.
Date: 09 February, 1939

This is the sixth in a series of letters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

This culminates in the scene: A Father Learns

You ragged little cur,

A howler would not suffice to convey how disappointed your father and I are in the way you've chosen to comport yourself. A gesture of love and concern, turned back upon us with a question not only of your parentage, but also our wisdom in helping you?

Truly, in your sixteen years, you think you know more of the world, of love, of blood rights and responsibilities?

Clearly, the changes you ascribe to your little bitch are displayed here. Defiance. Disloyalty. Betrayal. Surely she's the product of some incestuous, muddied branch of the Solomon line, to have impacted you so.

This ends. Now.

We have decided that, since you choose to actively defy the will of your loving parents, we have no choice but to provide you with a simple choice.

Your first option? Take the bitch to your side. Love her. Marry her, for all we care. But turn your head from all else, because you choose her over everything else. You will be struck from the line. From the blood. We will have no son. No inheritance. No 'loan' for your foolish little dream. No school. Destitute. She can be your source, then. She can support you. Raise you. Whatever… but forget getting anything from us. Forget having the aid of our connections and friends. You will be dust. Alone. Penniless except for the charity she can give you.

Your second option? Leave her. Just her… and we will work out the rest, together. You'll have your loan once you graduate. You'll have access to our connections. You'll still have your blood. Your family.

Consider your options. Consider the consequences. Consider what burden your selfishness would place on her.

Make the right decision, child.

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