(1939-02-19) Genevieve: Forged Letter to Aldius Meliflua
Details for Forged Letter to Aldius Meliflua
Summary: In a push to get Silas' estranged father to recognize the actions his wife is taking, and the impact they've had on their son, Genevieve forges a letter to Aldius Meliflua as if it were from her own father.
Date: 19 February, 1939

This is the eighth in a series of letters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

This culminates in the scene: A Father Learns

Mr Meliflua,

It grieves me to be forced to such ends but I fear that circumstances have moved beyond my control. Do please know that it has been my utmost pleasure to engage the boy and further, to lend what connections and credentials I may to helping further his career goals. In fact, I was speaking with a gentlemen just the other day about arranging an internship for him over the summer that would have proven beneficial in both the short and long term.

And yet.

And yet I am afraid that this smear campaign set about by your wife is something that I may not, in good conscience and with consideration for my own family and in turn name, offer a blind eye too. To disapprove of a match is one thing, yet what your wife has done goes well beyond that. When she attempted to use third parties in the form of students at the school, I did not meddle. Indeed, children will be children and so I have let them, with the belief that youth being as youth is want, in time it would sort itself out. After all, I remember too well my own days there.

But to take such matters not just to students and beyond the disapproval of a child, but to imply that the Name itself holds no worth and value. It is uncalled for. It is childish. And it is indignified. I will not see my own brought to ruin simply for the whimsy of another and so, I do hope that you shall understand when such support finds itself missing. It is nothing personal to the boy. And it is only with concern for potential backlash, that such notifications and arrangements shall be made among my constituents to safeguard further issue.

Practicality, you understand. I have learned enough and more from my wife over the years, with the various circles in which she moves to know precisely how to deal with such drama. You know how those quidditch fans can be. It’s all about who sits where, who sees what and who’s got the private box. I never imagined to apply it to my own humble field and yet, here we are.

A. Solomon

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