(1939-02-22) Silas: Father's Letter to Silas
Details for Father's Letter to Silas
Summary: After meeting with Genevieve, Aldius takes some time to pen a missive to his son.
Date: 22 February, 1939
Related: This letter is sent to Silas near the end of the day, as a result of this scene: A Father Learns

My son,

I know this comes to you of a sudden… and I've not had so much time as to properly give thought to this, but you and I need to speak, and soon. Your world has been marred by something I should have put a stop to long ago.

I have returned to London, and will be in Hogsmeade tomorrow. I'm sending requests for your release to me tomorrow as well. I would like to see you. Break fast with you, and simply… get to know my son. Because I haven't… and in so doing have missed seeing you become something truly spectacular.

It also means I've neglected to watch your mother's scheming… and in so doing she has given you the impression that we are united against you, and your choice of partner. I will go into this more fully tomorrow… but know this here and now: you have far more power over your destiny, your future, and your dreams than she has allowed you to believe.

Follow your heart, son, and take what you will. She'll not stand in your way for long.

I will see you on the morrow. Until then, be well, son.

- Aldius

P.S.: I have your letters. I apologize for the subterfuge. I would not have been able to procure them from your mother, and I needed the proof. Don't ask how I got them. Just remember to not leave them in so obvious a location, next time.

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