(1939-08-02) Distraction from horrors
Details for Distraction from horror
Summary: Gus thinks about recent events
Date: 1939-08-02
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Where to begin?

It's been a long time since I've written in here. I guess I just got very busy with life. Hard to find time for a journal when you've got a depressed father and sister, and a business to run, and a new business to open up.

So. Father and Lizette are doing much better, that's the most important thing. Father's not drinking so much any more and Lizette is sleeping through the night and talking about seeing her first unicorn, again. We have a shop in London, now. It's doing really well. Much better than we thought it would. Apparently, I'm a natural salesman. Ugh. I love that I can provide for my family, but I hate that it's not through carving. I fear I'll never be a real artist, at this rate.

Lizette is going to start school this year. I'm half-afraid to take her school supplies shopping, though, what with all the horrific things that have been going on in London, lately.

Terrorist attacks. There was one a few days ago… this black smoke caught people, and they went mad. When they started to run, they caught on fire. One of them died right in front of my shop. I've been having nightmares ever since. I couldn't move, or do anything. He just… I'll never forget the sounds, and the smell of him. I was sick, afterward. Bugger politics, why can't we all just be kind to one another?

I had help from some students cleaning up the broken glass - our big front window broke. Nothing was looted. Miss Lowe and Mr. Shafiq - they're an item, apparently, and good for them. She seems utterly smitten.

The next day, Mrs. Blythe from the orphanage came by and asked if we'd like to help return things to a bit of normalcy, and benefit the orphans, too. I spoke to Father about it and he said it was a good idea. So today we had a sale on the wines, all proceeds to the orphans. We did quite well, and there were a lot of people who donated just to donate, without even taking any wine.

We were just wrapping up when Honora Summerbee walked by. She was a year ahead of me in Hufflepuff - we were never close, but she's a familiar, welcome face. It was nice, talking to her. She donated some spare pocket money, and I invited her in for a glass of wine so we could catch up. Constable Orwell was there for a minute or two as well, but he soon left. I suspect he had official business-type things to do.

It's funny, though - after all the horrors going on, and all the serious adult type things, being with Nora was… almost normal. Just me and a pretty girl I know, catching up with one another. She was a welcome distraction from the horrors. I think I managed to take her mind off of things, too. I certainly tried. It was tempting to really flirt with her, but I could see she was a bit put off by it. My skills are certainly rusty, and though I like her, I'm still not sure I'm ready to court anyone - I am still grieving for Mama. Besides, she probably sees me as a child, anyway. Or has a boyfriend - she's properly fit, that girl. But it was fun to make her laugh and blush.

I hope she can stop by again. It was good, talking with her. Maybe I'll stop by the shop she works at - we might be low on wart remover!

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