(1939-08-04) Chips in Muggle London
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Summary: Gus considers his friendship with Nora, and adjusts a misconception about the Hufflepuffs
Date: 1939-08-04
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I ran into Nora, yesterday. I thought it would be a change of scene to walk around Muggle London. Not too far from the Leaky Cauldron, and the familiarity of the wizarding world. So, I invited her, and we went.

I will say one thing about Muggles, they really do have smashing hats and trousers. I felt quite fine, and I think from the looks of admiration I got, others thought I looked good, too. Nora was, of course, lovely - though it's too bad she didn't have a bit of color on her.

I bought us each a cone of chips - marvelous things. I could eat those every day, but I think I'd get rather fat. Nora's cousin Rook nearly ran right into us. Rook was a Housemate, like Nora was, and we were in the same year, too. We got to talking about tutors, and Rook's upcoming NEWTs, and what would we like to turn into if we could become animagi? I'm still not sure what I'd be, actually - probably something awkward and bumbling, like a mole or a hedgehog or something daft like that. Nora said she'd like to be a cat, and Rook said he wanted to be a sparrow. Or was it a robin? Some small bird or other.

He mentioned that the Hufflepuffs missed me. I was astonished. After all, I hadn't heard from a single one of them after I left school. But then, I realized that I'd never written to them, too. Just because my life was falling apart around me at the time doesn't mean that they weren't equally as busy, themselves. I'd been holding them to a double-standard, which isn't entirely fair. It was good to get that kind of kick in the pants, to be reminded that the world does, in fact, keep turning despite my personal difficulties. All I've got left to do now is really just ease back into the spin without getting thrown off by the momentum.

Then Rook got the idea that Nora and I were on a date, and disappeared like he'd Disapparated, which of course he didn't because there were Muggles all around. I nearly choked on my chips at the suggestion. I am fairly certain Nora doesn't think of me like that. I even said so to her, after I'd cleared the chips from my throat, and she didn't correct me, so that's that, then.

Which means she's absolutely safe to flirt with, isn't she? We can be friends, she and I, and I'll get my flirting skills back to snuff, and then when I actually feel ready to move out of my mourning, I'll be ready to find the right girl.

I thought a lot about what Douglas said. He's right. I do fall in love too easily. Which means that I haven't been falling in love at all, really, if you think about it. But I do want to fall in love. That final, end-all, be-all, never-ending consuming passion for a person that I genuinely like and admire. I want a girl who wants the same things I do. Just as soon as I figure that all out, I'll know what to look for. She'd have to be nice, as well, and want a family. Life is too short to wait around for that kind of thing, I think. But rushing in is just as bad.

I think I'll ask Nora the next time I see her if she'll give me suggestions about the whole thing. I think if I learn how to approach a girl from a girl, I won't be likely to sabotage myself, next time. And I'll give her tips, too, if she likes. But she's pretty enough I doubt she'd have trouble catching any man she wants. If she doesn't need my advice, I'll just pay her in chips. Or art. Something. I'll see if we can't strike a bargain between us.

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