(1939-08-16) From the journal of Katie Hind
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Summary: Random thoughts from the chippy bird.
Date: 16 August, 1939
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Went to the park with Ginny, Sharon and the rest today. It was nice to be back out with them, but it didn't last hardly long enough. There's so much we didn't get to talk about. It likely would have helped if Pru hadn't gone on and on about her Gary and she'll be a lucky one if she doesn't find herself in trouble. Ginny was saying that we should get together for a night out, there's a place she knows that plays jazz music.

I met a bloke. He's not like others, like the ones Ginny brings over to talk when we go out. He doesn't put on airs, or act like a tosser. Da doesn't like it when the blokes that come in try and chat me up, but he's not like that. It didn't feel like he was trying to chat me up, it felt like he was actually talking to me. And does it count anyway, because we weren't at the shop. I don't think so.

He's quite nice to talk to.

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