(1939-09-01) Sept 1
Details for Sept 1
Summary: Dora muses over all the new changes with the start of term feast.
Date: September 1st, 1939
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The school has become a terrible place. I can not even begin to list the ways that it has changed in what feels to me almost over night. Where before to be fair, it had an air of intimidation that hung about it, my brother was still here, my cousin. There was some beacon of safety in the world upon which to cling and now? Now…

Now there is nothing and there is no one left.

And that's just a terrible way to think. Even I know it sounds maudlin and I'm not one for drinking. Unless it's chocolate, but that's not brandy is it? Or was it brandy. I think it was brandy. I recall it with a fondness.
And that is a pleasant thought to carry me through a series of unpleasant changes in the school. It has become a terrible disasterous place.

We are seperated in our classes. The muggle borns have been placed into a class called 'S. C.U.M. It has some fancier meaning but the truth is I find that what it means is the education is being lessened for those whose blood is decided to be less. There are dividing lines at the table! There is…there is food that's being spoiled just because people want to share. I'm going about that all wrong. It's just…it's all so very wrong.

So very very wrong and I don't know how to fix it or begin to fix it.

They've banned all muggle based literature. It's like trying to destroy a culture. The very things that we fear should happen at our own discovery and yet, we're doing it those who know of us already. It's unkind and cruel and it makes me sad.

Almost sad enough to forget that Alphard exists but no. I remember. 'Until the end of Hogwarts'. Why must he still be here? It was a peaceful summer, if a busy one. It was a summer that didn't have anything to do with washing laundry that wasn't mine at all. I really don't want to see him again.

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