(1939-09-01) Sept 2
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Summary: Dora reflects on her meeting with Madeline and their conversation.
Date: September 2nd, 1939
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I ran into Maddie tonight, finally, since being back and I'd swear she's grown a foot if it's been an inch. I didn't realize how much I'd missed her smile. She's one of the sweetest poeple that I know and it breaks my heart to see her suffering because of the fools that are in power. If I had a little sister, I would want her to be exactly as Madeline is. For all that she worries me half out of my mind on occasion, there's absolutely nothing there that I would change.

Seamus was kind enough to cook her a meal, but I wonder how long we'll be allowed to do things like that before we're discovered and that's just one more loss. There are so many things lost already, we don't need to lose more.

But talking to her, listening to the ideas that spout from that child's wonderful mind has given me hope and inspiration. Her suggestion that we tell our own stories in Book club and perhaps with that, we could put new twists on muggle favorites as well. But we can also offer snacks and food and if..perhaps, one of the books that someone wanted to read was First Year Charms or Second Year History then…then that's perfectly alright. Right?

I don't want all the books gone. They shouldn't be. Education for both worlds ought to be free for everyone. So…so I have a plan, though I don't know how long it will last or if it will even work, but..but I've replaced the covers of a few…books with those for the most boring of gardening. My plan is to sneak them into the library where they can get lost amongst the shelves and those who've a yen to find them may, if they know just where to look.

It'll be a miracle if I don't end up tossed out on my head this year. Merlin, but I hope not.

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