(1939-09-02) Notes from the Mud
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Summary: School begins.
Date: 02 September 1939

I think it's time I started using this journal that Rhyeline gave me so long ago, because I need a place to sort my thoughts. Thoughts on Tim, thoughts on Hogwarts, thoughts on the looming war in the muggle world. Such a time of strife, I sometimes feel like I'm going to shatter into a million pieces.

I need to take Rhyeline and Graham's advice on Tim, I think. Well, the parts about moving on, not about confronting my fears. I walked by the house after I returned to town from the day at school. I miss the place I called home. I miss Bowie. I miss Tim. But maybe it's just that everything is so frightening. As Rhyeline said, I did have a reason for what I did, even if she doesn't know what it truly was. Even if it wasn't a good reason. (Even if I'm surprised I remember anything that was said that day. I have never been so pissed in my life.)

I am gobsmacked by the things going on at Hogwarts. The muggle-born children are being treated like they're barely human and the pure-blood children have been given power to lord over them. It's already going to their heads, it's plain to see. The muggle-born children have been barred from all classes save for some ridiculous class for underprivileged magic users, or some nonsense. They've been banned from taking out most of the library books. I heard that they were given terrible food at opening feast, even!

It bothers me terribly, how much this seems like the terrible way some muggles are acting, and starting wars. Heaven knows, we don't need war in both worlds.

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