(1939-09-03) Notes from the Mud
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Summary: Meeting the students
Date: 03 September, 1939
Related: Help with Books, Plans and Promises.

Things seem to be moving very quickly. I had a chance to become more acquainted with students today. Some of them are familiar, but I was never the most out-going student so I feel few that are still at Hogwarts remember me.

There is so much tension at the school. The whispering in the library is impossible to quell, so we have decided to merely quiet the loudest and keep order. They have so much to say. I met the boy today who is the 'head' of that Magijugend group, Alphard Black. He is an imperious, imposing boy. It would be very easy to write him off as simply awful and be done with it, but I was reminded that, even for his views that I disagree with, he is a human being. He can be hurt. Perhaps that will be the key to his downfall. Playing to his desire to be an Auror may be a way to keep him busy. But I am not truly sure yet of the boy's mettle, and I don't expect he will be a frequent visitor to the library. He made it clear that he is 'far too busy'. Still, I will keep my eye on him as I may.

Adorabella Selwyn is another that I took particular note of. I believe her heart is in the right place, but bringing in contraband books to put on the shelves, as I assume she had planned, will not fool anyone for very long. However, with the help of someone on staff…..

I'm certain it would put my job in jeopardy to get involved in the politics. But I cannot just stand by and watch children who are muggle born, who are like me, be put down so thoroughly. I don't believe I could watch anyone suffer this oppression, regardless of their heritage. I could find another job if I were to be dismissed. I cannot find another soul if I betray my own and stand by.

Well, I made a promise today, and I aim to keep it. If I can't help those like Elspeth and Gabriel, what good am I in the world?

And when I returned home tonight, there was more news. Bad news. But not unexpected. We are at war. Is there no peace to be had anywhere?

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