(1939-09-04) Notes from the Mud
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Summary: Short but sweet
Date: 04 September 1939

Things were mostly quiet at school today, which was a relief. I know they won't stay that way, but one day feels like a treat.

Rhyeline was home when I got home, papers strewn all about. It seems like she feels like the fate of the world rests on her shoulders alone. Her father came by, and after all this time of knowing her it's the first time I've gotten to meet him. I've seen him before, on his book covers. The pictures are fairly true, but they never really do anyone justice. He seems very upset about Hogwarts, but reluctant to put his own name on the line by speaking up about it. Granted, I'm not speaking up either, but that's because it wouldn't be good for me to do. Speaking up and drawing attention to myself would be terrible. Perhaps he's got plans he's not talking about, either. It was lovely to finally meet him, though.

Tim and I met two years ago today. It seems like it's been a lifetime. We happened so fast, was it really only just six months? That's a drop in the bucket of time. It's no wonder he's moved on with his life. I've been without him three times as long as I was with him. It'll not hurt one day. So everyone says.

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