(1939-09-05) Notes from the Mud
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Summary: Annie reflects on the library orientation.
Date: 05 September, 1939
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My first 'official' act as a member of Hogwarts faculty was today, giving students a refresher on library procedure. It did me good as well, reminding myself after three years absence. It's reassuring that hardly anything has changed.

It was a good opportunity to meet more of the students, as well. There was a member of the Magijugend there, a Malfoy. Of the two of their little merry band that I've met, there are definite personality quirks. While Black was clear about his feelings, at least he was fairly polite about it. Malfoy…. you could almost feel the superiority rolling off him in waves. And he just skirted the edge of being inflammatory with his question and parting comments to Gabriel.

The Head Boy was also in attendance. I've not got his measure yet. Perhaps I'll have a chance to make a few inquiries. I got the impression that some of the other students aren't overly fond of him.

It was lovely to see so many Ravenclaws, however.

At closing, Madam Patil requested my presence on Sunday, a day I wouldn't normally work. She suggested it as chance to inventory some of the books, but there were indications that it's something more. I know there are some professors and staff who are as opposed to the new reign as Madam Patil and I. I know there are students doing everything they can to hold their tongues and wait for the right time to rise up. I hope this is the purpose of going in on Sunday. We must band together, working below observation to set the school back to rights. How it breaks my heart to see Hogwarts in this state, condoned by the Headmaster. Instigated by the Headmaster. What I wouldn't give to land just one swift kick to that man. But I am no Banshee. I will use other methods.

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