(1939-09-06) From the desk of Gilbert Sullivan: The Need for Unified Education
Details for The Need for Unified Education
Summary: Gilbert encourages wizards and witches alike to speak out against Headmaster Gervase Flint's segregationist policies.
Date: 1939-09-06

The Need for Unified Education

By now many of you have probably heard about the new policies instituted by Headmaster Gervase Flint at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, who many of us call our alma mater. For those of you that have not heard, Headmaster Flint has created a state of segregation within the school in which Muggle born students have been separated as much as possible from pureblood students and half-blood students, to the extent where Muggle-born students are being taught a watered down curriculum that will in no way prepare them to be truly productive members of wizarding society and does not allow for the development of each student to the utmost of their capabilities.

Regardless of your personal view of Unity or Preservation; on whether you agree with Grindelwald and his agenda of Muggle subjugation; whether you think Wizards intermarrying with Muggles weakens the wizarding bloodlines; there is something else at play here. One thing that Grindelwald and the Unity Party as well as The Preservation Society fully agree on is that Muggles and their technology can be dangerous to Wizards and Witches. This danger how now intensified as the Muggles have begun a war that shows signs of quickly escalating.
Regardless of the direction our own internal politics move towards and the decisions that are made in the coming years I think we must agree that we need all able Witches and Wizards available to be trained to the utmost of their ability to help stem and divert the Muggle war from affecting our way of life, and maybe even fight to protect said way of life if it spills into our currently hidden world.
Regardless of your political beliefs, regardless of whether you currently have sons or daughters studying at Hogwarts, regardless of whether you believe in Unity or Preservation I urge you all to speak up against Headmaster Flint and his segregationist policies. Regardless of their lineage every student at Hogwarts has great potential, and some of the Muggle born have shown some of the strongest magical talents in the current crop of students. We will need all of them to be at their strongest in the coming years. By allowing Flint to continue on his set path we are just weakening ourselves, making it easier for the Muggle to live up to their potential as a threat to our society. The children are our future and Headmaster Flint is actively crippling us all.

Members of the Unity Party, I urge you to join with the Preservation Society in this one effort. Remember, in the end a grateful Muggle-born segment of our society, willing to work with you if you are able to sway their minds into thinking the repealment of the Statute of Secrecy is the best course for both societies, will make the fulfillment of your proposed agenda much easier. Take advantage of this opportunity to show that you really mean to Unite both Muggle and Wizards as political equals. Or will you prove with your actions that all your rhetoric is just that, and that your real intentions are the subjugation of Muggles, relegating them to a servant caste?

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