(1939-09-10) I'm Not Causing A Scene
Details for I'm Not Causing A Scene
Summary: Angelus writes a letter to his father.
Date: September 10, 1939
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Tensions are strong right now here. The only people who are watching out for each other are the Magijugend. The other Gryffindors have turned to using me as someone to take their frustrations out on and I’m sick of it. I’m keeping watch on Megan and keeping her out of things, but she’s as smart as ever, Pa, we don’t have to worry about her. I’m keeping up with school, I think I have a good grasp of how to keep a system going, so do you think I can handle quidditch again? I’m trying to stay out of things and not make any scenes. I kept the meeting between Evelyn and me a private ordeal, but I don’t think I should have met up with her. She’s so against me, Pa. Elspeth is continuing to butt into our family situations. She’s intrusive and doesn’t step back from a conversation she has no right to take part of. I want her to leave me alone.

Angelus Eibon

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