(1939-10-23) Notes from the Mud
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Summary: Reflections on the freeing of Hogwarts
Date: 23 October 1939

Is this what it feels like when a war ends?

Flint resigned as Headmaster of Hogwarts today. Albus Dumbledore will be stepping into the role, and I have to say that I don't know him well, but he has always been fair and just. Importantly, he's not some foul blood purist that seeks to subjugate children and deny them the education to use their rightful powers.

I learned the news from Uma Patil shortly before dinner, and the children were told before the meal started. The roar that went up … it brought tears to my eyes. After these weeks of the students being unhappy, tense and watchful, having to sneak around just to learn, it was a moment of pure, unadulterated joy. I stayed for just a little while, then I nearly ran all the way back to Hogsmeade to the cottage. I'm not sure what prompted me to floo to the Cauldron instead of directly to Tim's, but there I ended up, to find Rhyeline and Graham, with another man called Hugh. It absolutely delighted me to be able to share the news with Rhyeline first thing, and she was just as happy about it. I tried to be quiet about it, and let Headmaster Dumbledore (oh how I adore writing those words) take care of how it was to be spread outside of school, but Reece overheard. At least it was he who made the announcement to those in the tavern. And another roar went up. It was so fortunate that Brandy Sweetwater happened by just then as well! What a celebration!

I made a quiet exit, leaving them to their joy so I could floo home to Tim and tell him the news, with a special bottle of whiskey to celebrate. We've toasted the occasion, and my love has gone to the Prophet to gather the details and write the story. I cannot wait to read it in the morning edition.

What a lovely week. I'm going to marry the man who fills my heart with love and joy, and my beloved Hogwarts is free again!

Oh dear… I forgot to tell Rhyeline Tim and I are re-engaged.

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