(1939-10-24) Notes from the Mud
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Summary: A clipping from the Daily Prophet tucked into the pages of the journal.
Date: 24 October 1939

Daily Prophet | Oct. 24th, 1939 | by Timothy Moody, edited by: Whitey Bishop

[[Included with this article are several pictures. The first is a small picture of the Board of Governors around their table are deep in discussion. Enceladus Malfoy standing at the central position at the table regally gesturing to the other Governors. | A rather magnificent shot of Dumbledore taken at an angle so that the owl of the Great Hall podium and the candles attached frame and light the new headmaster in a way that begs warmth and authority. | A stock photo of Sirius Black. | An artful action shot of a Calista Flint and Miranda Blishwich facing off with Eibhlin Shine, Anthony Rowle, and Myrus Lowe. Bowen Nott's face was blurred. | A very unhappy Flint exiting the gates of Hogwarts.]]

Hogsmeade, Scotland - The Hogwarts Board of Governors announced today that they had 'accepted with regret' the resignation of Headmaster Gervaise Flint, and had unanimously appointed Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Order of Merlin First Class, as the new Headmaster of the ancient school, effective immediately.

Sources within Hogwarts say that Headmaster Dumbledore wasted no time in disbanding the special programs that Headmaster Flint had put in place for muggleborn children, and the Special Curriculum for Underprivileged Magical Students (S.C.U.M.S.) has been disbanded, with all students expected to return to regular classes by Friday, 24 October. The Magijugend, a club for predominantly pure-blooded magical youth founded by Headmaster Flint to support the ideals of Gellert Grindelwald, was likewise disbanded as an official school club.

Headmaster Dumbledore also appointed Professor Sirius Black, Professor of Ancient Runes and former Chief Unpeakable at the Ministry of Magic, to serve as Deputy Headmaster. Professor Tasciovanus Burke, who had instructed the S.C.U.M.S. programme, has been reassigned to the post of Morale Officer, and will be responsible for providing tutoring to students in need, regardless of blood status.

Headmaster Flint had been under increasing pressure following his drastic changes in Hogwarts policy towards young muggleborn wizards this year. Both Gilbert Sullivan's Preservation Movement and Cassius Malfoy's Unity Party had issued statements condemning Flint's actions. A final blow to Professor Flint's authority at the school, however, came in a raid by the Ministry of Magic's Department of Magical Law Enforcement on 20 October. Commissioner Bob Ogden confirmed in a brief statement that M.L.E. Hit Wizards and Aurors, under the leadership of Auror Irene Odori, had recovered a number of magical contracts between Flint and members of Magijugend during that visit. While Commissioner Ogden declined to comment on the legality of the contracts, he did say that they had been rendered void by Ministry experts.

Enceladus Malfoy, Chairman of the Hogwarts Board, expressed the Board's best wishes to Professor Flint in his future endeavors and praised his years of service as Professor and Headmaster. "We are confident," Mafloy said, "that Professor Dumbledore will restore harmony to Hogwarts and protect and educate our children."

Headmaster Dumbledore, Professor of Transfiguration and Head of Gryffindor House at Hogwarts, was previously considered a candidate for the Headmastership in 1938, when Headmaster Armando Dippet was removed from his position as a result of his being held hostage at the Durmstrang Institute. He is widely considered one of the most prominent wizards of his age, and was decorated by the Ministry of Magic with the Order of Merlin, First Class, for Grand Sorcery. During his school years, Dumbledore won the Barnabus Finkley Prize for Exceptional Spell-Casting, became the British Youth Representative to the Wizengamot, and received the gold medal for Ground-Breaking Contribution to the International Alchemical Conference in Cairo.

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