(1939-11-24) Magic Musings
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Summary: On Magic
Date: 24th November, 1939

I find it useful when I have to try and explain a concept to someone else. Preferably someone who's intelligent but very very inexperienced, so they have no background to build on, but are intelligent enough to grasp concepts when they're broken down enough. I find that Madeline Evans fulfils these criteria admirably.

I was speaking to her the other day, and the subject of magic came up, and what some of the Magijugend said about why the Muggle Born should not do magic- because magic was a finite resource, and these people 'who should not be doing magic' were using up the 'lake' of magic that was the Pure Bloods by right.

So I asked her, 'Alright. Tell me. What _is_ magic?'. Perhaps an unfair question. It's not as if anyone really knows, but then the question is not one that really gets asked. As a breed, we wizards are very uninquisitive about why something works, provided it does. She laughed, and said that 'Tash' had asked the SCUMS class the same thing.

This surprised me. He had struck me, in what little I had encountered him, as something of an idiot, albeit a well meaning one. The Headmasters decision to keep him on confirmed me in that opinion, but now I find myself wondering if he is, by intention or accident, the Wise Fool… the jester who makes insightful remarks, and gives Zen questions which offer insight to those willing to hear them. I shall have to test this possibility.

As to what magic is, and who has the 'right' to it? Well, I don't know if it's a lake, or a sea, and whether in using it, we consume it, or just move it around. But I do know it is not mine alone by 'right of blood'. I know other races use magic, some more naturally than we…. and I know it is not to do with the words or wand movements alone (although they make it easier), for it is possible to cast with neither. This makes me wonder if it is some great tide that flows through all of us, forward and back, and in some way, we simple divert a bit of the spray, to make a little plume of sea fret and imagine ourselves the masters of the cosmos, when we are little more than a pebble on the beach of reality.

Which makes me wonder what Muggles are. How have they stepped outside that flow of magic? Could it be that it's to do with spirituality (hence ghosts capacities), and as Mugglekind has moved away from the spiritual their magical glands have atrophied? Or have they evolved?

I know so little about the muggles, and only a little more about wizardkind. I shall read and reflect.

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