(1941-12-30) King Lot's Jester
Details for King Lot's Jester
Summary: Norman ponders what he has learned about the wizards' perspective of myth and history.
Date: 30 December, 1941
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After hearing so much about the snowmen supposedly coming to life, I've attempted to witness it for myself. I spent most of the day in what the Strangers call Merlin Square, watching children build snowmen in the hope of seeing them animate. But there was no sign of the enormous snowflakes, and not a single snow creature stirred. Eventually, I confess, I succumbed to sleep on a park bench.

When I awoke, it was to the sight of the angelic young lady from the coffee house, Zoe. The children had all gone, but she was build more snow creations. Soon a friend of hers arrived with his young relations, a young man named Colton Higgins. Colton is what the Strangers call a "curse breaker". The fixation on magic and spells pervades every part of the Strangers' lives, it seems. I do not know exactly what curses Mr. Higgins means to break, but somehow his work involves ruins and a preoccupation with Arthurian legend.

Naturally, the moment he mentioned something about the ghost of King Lot's jester, I was intrigued. I hope I haven't gotten in over my head, for when Mr. Higgins announced the difficulty he was having with Old English, I was perhaps too eager to offer my assistance.

Judging by his words, Higgins treats the Arthurian myths as fact. If I'm not mistaken, he believes that he is engaged in some sort of archaeological exploration of King Lot's castle. I suspect that he is an amateur historian, and I could probably improve his understanding of the relationship between fact and fiction quite a bit. If he has truly found the home of King Leudonus, this could be an important discovery. But I have my doubts.

I should know better than to get involved with one of these Strangers. I fear Mr. Higgins has found my weakness. I shall proceed with utmost caution.

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