This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Doesn't return to Hogwarts after his 6th year. Some say it has to do with Flint's new policy on trouble-makers. Others say it's to leave the UK to dodge any legal punishment after his illegal duel earlier in the school year.

The Pianist Turned Hellion
Portrayed by Joel Courtney
Name: Julian Edwards
Aliases: Jules
Birthday: March 10, 1922
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Half-blood

"I don't need your pity, Black. Or any other Purists' pity."Julian Edwards, speaking to Alphard Black in regards to parentage, blood purity, and the distinct differences between them all.


Standing here is a typical teenaged British boy, at a height of roughly five feet and ten inches in height. An overall wirey sort of figure, Julian Edwards is just kind of there. Overall, tanned, caucasian skin dominates his features, which is a stark contrast to the deep hazel-green eyes, as well as the dark brown hair that rests on top of his head, which seems like it could use combing. He's generally not an overly imposing sort of figure, perhaps even friendly - a constant sort of smile on his face as he's presented.

At the moment Julian is wearing a Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry uniform. Rather notable by the blue and bronze colouring he must have sorted into House Ravenclaw. A grey vest edged in blue and bronze covers a crisp white Oxford shirt, buttoned from the belt to the collar and accented with a blue tie with narrow bronze stripes. The shirt is tucked neatly into matching gray trousers that fall to the tops of black shoes. Over all of this flows a voluminous black robe lined in soft Ravenclaw Blue fabric, unadorned except for a bronze eagle flying over a striped blue background sewn over the heart.


Julian was born to Jonah Edwards and Veronica Tucker in London, England. A woman that Jonah had never really had much for, the two simply were not family-making material; as such, Veronica would be left to care for their child. Jonah, being a member of the Metropolitan Police Force, would do the right thing, being there in times of monetary need and when Veronica would be forced to disappear for an unreasonable amount of time, for an otherwise unknown job. As a witch, unbeknownst to Jonah, Veronica worked as an employee for the Ministry of Magic's Magical Accidents and Catastrophies Muggle Liaison Office, a job which would require her to spend various amount of time away from her son. Despite this, though, she would spend the times that she could being caring, kind, and loving to him. His biological father would be from whom he would learn his street smarts and his appreciation for logical things, and various sports.

Growing older, Julian would express his ability to perform magic around the age of nine. Two years later, at the age of eleven, he recieved his Hogwarts letter. After a rather lengthy vetting process - helped along by Veronica - it was explained to Jonah exactly what was going on with his son. Slightly perplexed, but nontheless proud, he and his mother both saw their son off, together, to the school. Through Jules' first four years as a Ravenclaw, he would show great skill in the magical arts. As a social creature he also flourished; busying himself with the various clubs, such as the Arts, Dueling, and Flying Club. Currently, he is wrangling with his classwork in his fifth year, preparing for his OWLs, and waiting to see what the future has in store for him.

Fifth Year - 1937-1938

Julian's Fifth Year of Hogwarts through 1937 and 1938 passed with seeing him becoming more and more out of his shell, and adapting to his element. He began to develop his own sense of right, wrong, and what was in those gray areas. Counseling from his professors had begun to point him down the path of taking a job with the Ministry - specifically, attempting to challenge the Auror Office to become an initiate, once he graduated. Taking this counseling to heart, he began to dedicate himself more to the studies that would be required. He also began to date, having taken a liking to a couple of people in particular; Eibhlin and Ivy. Eibhlin was his first professed interest, but it was unrequited… with Ivy coming in later in the year. His relationship with her could be attributed to that of a flashpan relationship; they were intense for a minute, before things petered off. Over the summer, as both of them went into their respective apprenticeships, they grew apart. He would finish out his Fifth Year with several OWLs attained, but the ones he wanted to pursue past that level were the most important, of course.

The Apprenticeship - Summer, 1938

As Julian pursued the summer months between terms, he had applied and gained entry into the Ministry's apprenticeship program, being placed in the Auror Office. During his time, he was paired up with Auror Bates, one of the Office's more seasoned agents. Of course, the majority of his apprenticeship was spent learning the ins and outs of Ministry bureaucracy; on those off chances, though, when Bates would get a wild hair… The two would practice dueling skills. The information that Julian was imparted from Auror Bates will be good lessons for him to carry back to the stage, and to carry on later.

Sixth Year - 1938-1939

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Acute Senses Julian's sensory perception is a bit higher than it should normally be. Smells, tastes, and sounds are the worst.
Common Sense A gift that, admittedly, not many witches and wizards are gifted with. This can be attributed to being raised in a bit of a broken house. You learn to grow up quick and make your own decisions, at that.
Hoity-Toity Despite having that wealth of common sense and being a bright, young Ravenclaw, he's prone to flights of fancy and long, enthusiastic walks around the school grounds during the afterhours.
Moxy Don't get into a fight with him. He'll keep going, even after you hex him or bloody his nose, just to piss you off further. Being a Dueling Club member, he's prone to fighting fair - but watch out if you get too dirty.
Wealth: Comfortable Between living with his mother and his father separately - at least for now - both have jobs that keep the money consistent. He's also known to work over the summer to make his own little bit of money and save up.

RP Hooks

  • Muggle Crime: Jonah, Jules' father, has ties to the muggle world and it's crime rings. Let's talk that out.
  • Ministry: Veronica, Jules' mother, is a Ministry employee!
  • Family? If anyone wants to play either, I'm game. Get in touch with me and we'll talk it out.
  • Ravenclaw: Despite being a well rounded kid, he's been relatively quiet ntil recently. Make him come out of his shell more!
  • Quidditch: Julian is a Beater on the Ravenclaw team. Wanna talk sports with him? Go for it!
  • Music: Jules has been working on his musicianship for a while. He's a skilled pianist and is learning, slowly, to carry a vocal tune. Maybe you happen upon him while he's practicing or composing?
  • Anti-Purist: Julian has come out (very) publicly against the Magijugend, The Army of Truth, and essentially anything that has Grindelwald's name on it. Got something to say about it?


Hardy, 12 and a half inches, maple wand with a Dragon heartstring core. The wand's handle has a blue ribbon wrapped around it.


Julian's pet is a Great Horned Owl named Ocelot. He is available if you're one of Jules' friends and need to send a letter, but don't have your own owl or don't want to use a standard postage owl.


Logs featuring Julian Logs that refer to Julian



You grew distant.


Now that I realize where we stand, I can breathe easier. (Platonic Life Partner #2; Like A Sister; Big Brother Instinct; Cleaning Up Romantic Loose Ends)


Five and a half years, you were under my nose this whole time under the guise of a green thumb. I was a fool; I hope that I can make up for the lost time.


You're growing up. So is your sense of who you are. It's a beautiful thing to see.


Smart, funny, witty, and damned talented! You're living it now, Ophelia. I'm proud of you.


One of my fellow housemates that's a year below me. He's a good guy, smart. A good Duelist. I'm still figuring you out.


You're my best friend, hands down, and I couldn't ask for someone better to have my back. I've got yours. (Platonic Life Partner #1; True Companions; Bros Before Hoes)


Ophelia's girlfriend and fellow Quidditch player. She's gonna make a good Seeker. I can't get past her inventions, though… some of them seem practical and cool. I kinda feel bad for not having given her much more credit.

Music Julian has Mastered

Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 23 in A Major
Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
Chopin's Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2

… And many others! If you think it's a piece Jules may have learned to play before, let me know.


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