This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Portrayed by Jackson Rathbone
Name: Kaiden Michael Sykes
Aliases: Kay
Birthday: Nov 30, 1920
Position: Appleby Arrows Quidditch - Beater
Lineage: Pure-blood


Obviously in his late teens, by the look of the small amount of stubble on his chin, this young man is tall and lean, standing at about six feet tall and and weighing about 190 pounds of what looks to be pure muscle. His hair is a dark brown and pulled back into a short ponytail. At the moment he is wearing a simple blue linen button-up shirt and a pair of jeans. On his left middle finger is polished and shiny sports ring. Not too big or obnoxious, a yellow jewel sits in the center and around it is his name 'Kaiden Michael Sykes'. On the left side of the ring itself is an embossed broom and the words 'Hufflepuff Captain.' The other side has the image of a beater's bat and the year '37 to '38. Pure, solid gold.


The Sykes family is a family so old and so proud they still tout their coat of arms as if they were about to step onto a medieval battlefield. And they rightly should be since they've churned out a number of accomplished witches and wizards over the years researchers, healers, high-ranking ministry officials, business owners and the like. So when Arlo Sykes and his wife Perdita pumped out five children, they expected each and every one of them to be nothing less than excellent. "The purest wizarding blood courses through your veins. Mediocrity simply doesn't exist in our family." That statement was dogma in the Sykes household and old Arlo made sure to enforce this philosophy with a militaristic upbringing. From the time they could walk and talk, the Sykes children were subjected to a life of intense study and discipline, and their education began long before they even reached the doors at Hogwarts. In the morning, the children had lessons with their governess followed by sports and other productive recreational activities in the afternoon. After dinner, they read aloud to practice their oration or played games to keep their minds sharp. For a Sykes child, every minute of every day was never wasted that way they would never stop improving themselves.

Kaiden Michael Sykes is what some might call a slacker. Born to the upper-class family right behind his sister Ria. Being twins with the golden child is never an easy thing. Kaiden quickly learned that he would never live up to his sister's model, so he eventually just stopped trying. More interested in art and pholosophy than the more fundamental subjects such as math and arithmetic, Kaiden soon carved out his own little niche as the Black Sheep. Not seen in public with his family often, apart from mandatory functions. Kaiden discovered his magical abilities not long after Ria did. Seemed she had to be first for everything.


Kaiden was shipped off to Hogwarts, less because his parents wanted him to learn and more because they just wanted him out of their hair. Unlike the majority of his family, Kaiden was sorted into Hufflepuff. This caught everyone by surprise as most of the family expected a new house to be created for him with a sloth as the mascot. But, at heart Kaiden was just a kind, gentle soul with a secret longing to protect those he cared about. As Kaiden grew, he never quite escaped his laziness, but he did turn into a protector of sorts. He got into some trouble during his fifth year when a group of Slytherin boys started mouthing off all the things they'd like to do to his sister. Needless to say, Kaiden stood up for her and pummeled them with reckless abandon. He got off with a warning after telling his side of the story, but it ended up being just another thing for his parents to be upset with him about.

It's Kaiden's sixth year now and he's just sort of quietly trying to keep out of everyone's hair, while still sticking up for those who won't or can't stand for themselves. He's nowhere near the top of his class or anything, but his grades have improved quite a lot since he discovered his role in the bigger picture; a knight who is there to stand up against all of the injustice and wrong-doing in the world. Well, that's what he'd like to be…not many openings for knights these days, though.

Shortly after graduation, Kaiden was offered a position on the Appleby Arrows which he gladly took.


  • Lazy
  • Black Sheep
  • Bleeding Heart
  • Secretly Heroic

RP Hooks

  • Appleby Arrows - Kaiden's recently been recruited by the Arrows as a backup Beater. Go ahead and get those autographs before he gets too famous.
  • Rich Family - Want someone to turn up your nose at the plebs with? Well, Kaid's not really your man, but he's more than willing to spend a lot of his parents' money on whiskey and clubbing.
  • Artist - He's pretty good at sketches, y'know, if you want him to draw you something for someone.


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Twin Sister - It seems like Ria got everything I didn't. She's really smart and super dedicated, but she really doesn't know how to handle people. I think she likes to look at everyone as if they're just assets or something. She's still my best friend in the world, though, and I love her. Thank Merlin I'm the one who got the good looks, at least. I hope she and the rest of the family stay safe now that they're off with Grindelwald.


Little Brother - Eh. He's a cool little guy. Had funny hair for a few weeks. That was pretty cool.


Big Bro - Don't really know much about him. He's some kinda treasure hunter or something.


Big Sis - She's kinda mean to people sometimes, but I've spent enough time with her to know that there's still a sweet bubbly side in her somewhere. Mostly comes out when she's drinking.


Cousin - I think we're on good terms now. I'm still not too sure about being her friend, though. I think she just might be too smart for me to hang around with.


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