Character Information
Portrayed by John Candy
Name: Kaleb Arthur Gamp
Aliases: Kal/Gampy
Birthday: June 25, 1893
Position: Magizoologist
Lineage: Pure Blood


Tall, that is one of the first things that a person notices about this man. At 6'2", he's certainly taller than the average person. Tall and rotund. While his hair is cut somewhat short, it is slightly mussed up, though wavy in the middle. Adorned underneath his nose is a rather trimmed and neat mustache, keeping his upper nice and warm year 'round.

He keeps himself dressed in a suit, alternating between wearing a tie and a bowtie. His shoes are often a dull black, rarely shiny. Overall, his clothing gives of a simple air about them. He dresses to be somewhat professional, but he doesn't overthink it. Though at times, it appears as if he just threw together whatever seemed convenient and within reach.


Maple, 12.25", supple, unicorn tail hair core




Kaleb has himself a pet Canadian Goose. Named Maple. Who likes to honk at him, and others, to either announce his presence or to offer his opinion on something.



As a child, Kaleb’s time was constantly shifted between both parents. He spent equal amounts of time with each. Until his father’s accident, that is. It was shortly after Kaleb’s ninth birthday, and he was spending time with his father in the home potion lab. His father accidentally mixed two ingredients that should never be mixed together. It resulted in an explosion. Despite Kaleb and his mother’s best efforts, they could do nothing to help him. That day, Kaleb watched his father die.

The years following his father’s death were difficult. He spent much of his time practically attached to his mother’s hip. He helped her with caring for magical creatures. He listened intently as she explained about the creatures. It wasn’t until he started at the Borealis School of Magical Learning that he really began to come into his own and start to accept the death of his father.

Kaleb worked hard, finding his niche in knowledge and caring of magical creatures and beings. Of course, having the surname of someone who created rules surrounding transfiguration brought him some grief. He endeavored, as well, to gain good knowledge of transfiguration. That way, he was always a step ahead of those who wished to make fun of him for it.

His years following graduation from school he spent travelling the world, studying magical creatures and beings, even learning some of their languages. And he studied, as well, under his mother to better learn how to care for those that get injured. Now, he travels the world, continuing his research and studies.


  • Directional Sense
  • Outspoken
  • Kindhearted
  • Storyteller
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • He's Canadian. Interesting? Perhaps.
  • He can speak other languages! French, Gobbledegook, Mermish, and Troll.
  • You related to the British Gamps some how? You may be related to him!
  • Trolls and fairies and owls, oh my! (He studies creatures and such.)


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Nice lad. A Healer, too, to boot. Something I'll have to keep in mind. Sometimes creatures don't like to play safe. He seems to like to make sure everything is in the exact right order. Not that I mind that. He seems to be a good kid. We'll see what the future holds for him.


Nice young woman. She gave me tips on where to find some centaurs. Also gave me a tip on someone to talk to in regard to finding other creatures throughout the British Isles. She seems like she might be a good person to keep in contact with.


I met this young lady in a muggle park while. She seemed a bit off-put by the arrival of my trusty goose Maple. Of course, geese aren't always known to be friendly, so I don't blame her. She seemed nice. A good person if there was any. Though she seemed familiar…very familiar, and I don't know why. Oh well. As they say in French, C'est La Vie.


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