Character Information
Portrayed by Pierce Brosnan
Name: Kashus Pyrites
Aliases: Kash
Birthday: May 16th, 1878
Position: Director of the Muggle Liaison Office
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Tall and lean in build, Kashus is still a handsome man by most anyone's standards. His dark hair is only beginning to streak with silver, kept slightly long and swept neatly back from his temples and brow, the latter adorned with minimal wrinkles. Pensive brows and beguiling stormy blue eyes do lend him a solemn air, however. The eye is drawn downward, past a straight and narrow nose, to a well-manicured moustache, the tips subtly twirled, and a pointed beard that decorates rather than disguises his strong jaw. That olive complexion adds further to the general air of casual rakishness, too. It suits him well.

A refreshingly level of taste is reflected in the gent's attire - plain sweaters of soft wool in shades of ebon or deep navy, with neatly pressed slacks and well tended loafers. Far from the rugged, outdoorsy sort, but not off puttingly prim and proper, either. Kashus goes out of his way to remain professional, yet highly approachable.



  • Foppish
  • Muggle Sympathetic
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Patriarch - Kashus is the head of the Pyrites Family.
  • Ministry Director - Kashus is in charge of the Muggle Liaison Office.
  • Preservation Society with Unity leanings - Kashus' sympathy for the Muggles has him backing the desire to see the Statute of Secrecy reformed. Since the new Minister for Magic has loosened things up, Kashus is happy with how things are.


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Vikarus Pyrites
Father: (1858 - 1937)


Eseld Pyrites nee Gamp
Mother: (1858 - 1940)


Antonia Pyrites nee Parkinson
Wife: (b. 1878)


Florinus Pyrites
Eldest Son: (b. 1898) First child, only boy. Married to Analissa Pyrites nee Selwyn. They have three children, Anders, Anton and Sybil. Open for Creation.


Eldest Daughter: (b. 1905) Second child, eldest daughter. Reporter of Fashion and Gossip at the Daily Prophet.


Kallisto Pyrites
Middle Daughter: (b. 1907) Third child, second daughter. Open for Creation.


Herminia Pyrites
Youngest Daughter: (b. 1910) Fourth child, third daughter. Open for Creation.


Annalissa Pyrites nee Selwyn
Daughter-in-Law: (b. 1898) Married to Florinus. They have three children, Anders, Anton and Sybil. Open for Creation.


Anders Pyrites
Eldest Grandson: (b. 1918) Eldest son and child of Florinus and Analissa. Open for Creation.


Anton Pyrites
Grandson: (b. 1920) Second son and child of Florinus and Analissa. Open for Creation.


Granddaughter: (b. 1922) Youngest child and only daughter of Florinus and Analissa. Recently graduated a Ravenclaw from Hogwarts and has taken to working at the Ministry in the Office of Misinformation.


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