This character is retired, and is no longer in play. The Hind's Fish and Chip Shop is bombed and the family move away. Katie remains in London at the Barracks in the background. Only claimable by Creepydoll.

Chippy Bird
Portrayed by Jane Levy
Name: Katherine Abigail (Hind) Ferguson
Aliases: Bug, Kit, Duckie (only by Gavin)
Birthday: June 30, 1920
Position: Clerk
Lineage: Muggle


A smile seems to always be twitching at the lips of this young redhead, and blue eyes are bright and open. Standing no more than 5'2", Katie is a slip of a girl, raised on the streets of London, bred to tend the counter in the family chip shop. Her hair brushes lightly against her shoulders, parted to the left side of her head and typically a riot of unkempt waves. Delicate brows of the same hue as her hair arch above her clear eyes, a patrician nose is small and straight, and lightly pinked lips are a cupid's bow to complete her gamin charm.

On most days, Katie sports the uniform of her family chip shop, a simple white apron over whatever she happens to be wearing. Fashion is not her forte, she is hardly a display piece to be put on a shelf and wondered over. No, she's a real girl, with a very real presence. When her apron is hanging from it's hook she liable to be seen sporting a woolen skirt and a simple jumper, set loose on the streets of Muggle London.


More than one million babies were born in London in the year 1920, and Katherine Abigail Hind had the good fortune to be part of the festivities. She came into the world on the last day of a seasonably warm June, a little smaller than most other babies but with lungs to rival the loudest of them. At the time, the family were just starting out, Daniel Hind having invested in a chip shop in Waterloo and moving his pregnant wife, Mary, into the flat above. For a while it was just the three, until a baby boy, Jack, rounded them out into a foursome when Katie was five years old. It didn't take long for them to realize that Jack had been born deaf, but the family rallied around and did everything they could to make sure it didn't hold the youngest Hind back.

Katie started school soon after Jack was born, going first to Waterloo Primary School before moving up to Waterloo Secondary School. She wasn't a particularly exceptional student, nor was she at the bottom of her class. As far as she was concerned, her future was in the family chippie, so she didn't need to attempt her O Levels and left school with her Certificate of General Studies at 17. All throughout her formative years she helped in the family business, learning more there than she ever thought she did at school. A curious child, she was taught to quell that curiosity in deference to politeness, which turned out to be a good thing. The proximity of Hind Chips to the Ministry of Magic led to some 'interesting' clientele over the years, and it became policy to ignore the unusual and just serve all the customers as if they were one of the family. It gained them something of a reputation among certain Ministry workers with a curiosity of their own about the muggles around them.

Still, even though she knew better than to voice them, questions remained about the odder customers. Sometimes she and Jack made up fanciful stories to fill in the blanks, and sometimes they came closer to the truth than they'd ever realize. Despite their imaginations, all of the Hind family is oblivious to the world beside their world, and usually fall back on 'sometimes odd things happen'. Katie has settled into her place behind the counter, filling in on the cooking when it's needed, even delivering orders sometimes in the neighborhood. It's a quiet life, and happy, shadowed only by the growing threat of war.

RP Hooks

  • Hind's Fish and Chips Family owns a chip shop in Waterloo, just a jump from Ministry access. The food is good, the family is welcoming, and many Ministry workers who fancy a visit to a chippy drop in for lunch and dinner.
  • Want to get to know something about Muggles firsthand? Here's your chance!


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Curious
  • Humble
  • Practical


Logs featuring Katie Logs that refer to Katie



Husband- Before the war started, Private Ferguson would come into the shop occasionally to get something in his stomach from a bender the night before. Eventually, he and Katie struck up a friendship, and he asked her out but had been beaten to the punch by someone else. He took it in stride, and maintained the friendship, and when war was declared and his leaves became less frequent, the pair exchanged letters often. Katie went out with Gavin to celebrate his birthday, still just as friends, but when Gavin discovered that Katie had stopped seeing his 'rival' it became decidedly more a date. By March, they had become exclusive, and at the end of April Gavin gave Katie his Royal Fusiliers Sweetheart badge. The day after Katie's 20th birthday, he arranged a surprise party, and made the day unforgettable by proposing to her. It was difficult to pin down a date, with Gavin's obligations to King and country, but when he was wounded in the line of duty and given a week to recuperate, the pair jumped at the chance they were given. On November 5, 1940, in a small ceremony at the MacDonald estate, the pair wed. Gavin always seems to wonder at his good fortune to have landed Katie, but she thinks she's the lucky one. She has a man who is kind and gentle with her, who always puts her first above himself, and she would do anything for him.


Daniel Hind
Father- A pleasant man who always strives to provide the very best that he can for his family. He also makes one helluva chip. Protective, but he only wants the best for his daughter. To him, that might include making sure she can't date too much by keeping her busy in the shop. He volunteers as an Air Raid Warden, keeping lists of those in his zone, visiting to make sure folks are well, and doing his time on rooftops.

He did relent and allow Katie to date when she got truly interested in a young man, somewhat against his better judgement and at the urging of Mary. There was no little bit of relief when he learned it hadn't lasted. And then Gavin became more than a friend to Katie. Again, Daniel wasn't keen on it at first, but as he's gotten to know the Private as more than 'that bloke come in after a bender' he's warmed to the soldier. Now he's proud to say that Gavin will soon be his son-in-law, and the men get on quite well.


Mary Hind
Mother- A sweet woman who always has a moment to pass with customers at the shop. Much of her time is spent helping Daniel in the kitchen, and she makes the daily desserts that the restaurant serves. Nothing can compare to her sponge, be it chocolate or raspberry.

She was always the more open of Katie's parents to the girl finally starting to date, having been concerned that her daughter wouldn't find someone to add to her life as she had with Daniel. She was accepting of Katie's first boyfriend, because her girl was clearly so fond of the bloke, and was relieved when the breakup caused some heartache but no major trauma. She'd always had a soft spot for the polite, if sometimes still partially inebriated, Scot that was a regular, and wasn't surprised when Katie and Gavin's friendship took a turn for the more romantic. She approves of the relationship, Gavin has never been anything but kind and gentlemanly and even remembers to bring her flowers when he calls on Katie.


Jack Hind
Younger brother, September 7, 1925. Born deaf, Jack has had some difficulties communicating with people other than the family, but he always perseveres. Up until war was declared, he'd had a tutor to help with his education, as the local schools were ill-equipped to meet his needs. The family all communicate through sign language, and Jack can read lips. He's also murder at charades and never cheats by using signing.

Jack has taken to Gavin and his brothers in arms and all but idolizes them. In return, the lads are very kind to Jack, and have made him the 'mascot' of their troop, presenting him with an Honourary Fusilier badge. They've even taken it upon themselves to learn some sign language, as much for communication amongst themselves as with the boy. Jack has had a few adventures with the boys, some involving pubs and questionable behaviour, but they take care to keep him protected from those who don't understand his disability. Aside from Gavin, Jack has taken a particular friendship up with 'Dump', Lance Corporal Dumpleton, who's father was deafened in WWI. With the bombing of London having become a daily trouble, Jack has gone to the country to stay with Mr. Dumpleton. He's a great help to the older man, and Jack has been helping him learn sign language to communicate more freely.


Moira Ferguson
Mother-in-Law- Gavin's mother. Katie also counts herself fortunate to have found a mother-in-law she loves as much as she loves her own mother. Moira made Katie's wedding dress, making it just that much more special, and has been a source of love and support as they both worry about Gavin. She's keen to have grandbabies, and Katie doesn't find this disagreeable in the least.


Cousin- Business at the chippy remains steady despite the war, or perhaps in part because of it. In order to give Katie a bit more time to do her own things, Jen has come on to work with the family. She's a personable girl, perhaps a bit plain but with a sunny personality very much like Katie's. She isn't so good with math yet, but she's only just started and is always very apologetic if she miscounts someone's change.


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