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"She's one of them Rangers"
Portrayed by Deborah Ann Woll
Name: Abigail Kaylee Quinn
Aliases: Lee, Abbey, Abs
Birthday: Aug 14, 1912
Position: R.C.M.C, Ranger
Lineage: Pure-Blood


'I don’t have a short temper; I just have a quick reaction time to bullshit.' — Kaylee's responce to a question on her temper one night.


Hair of orange-red is what first catches someone's attention about this woman; it is curly and shoulder length. While working at the 'office' her hair is pulled back from her face by a pair of Celtic looking horse berets. She stands about 5'8, tall and slender yet with plenty of muscle and curves.

Her skin has a faint tan perhaps showing she has spent a good amount of time outside. A slight scar rests across her right cheek; while she has others they are not normally seen. Around her neck rests a silver torque, the ends capped with small wolves head, a smaller one of the same design but with horse heads upon he two ends rests around her right wrist.

Clothing depends on what she doing for the day as her in office clothing tends to be different then when she is. Today she has on a pale blue blouse, sleeves down to her elbows, black dress slacks, and a pair of short heeled dress type shoes, over her clothing is a tan jacket with four thick wooden buttons across the front.


Kaylee can't remember much about her parents, at the age of five the family went camping one moment having a fun time and then the next it all went black and she was found by a pair of hikers on her own covered in cuts and scratches. Her parents were never found a she went to live with her grandparents. She was asked often what happened to her parents but she could never give a full answer as to where they went, or what happened.

Her grandparents loved her dearly and did even thing in their power to give her a good life. Kaylee was always one to wander, down by the sea and through the forest that could be found all around where she lived in Ireland. She did make friends as a child but certain things seem drawn to her. Magical creatures of all types would flock to the girl, it started as mostly harmless creatures, crups, knarls, kneazles, porlocks would appear, to name just a few of her so called 'friends'.

Then there were the few that others couldn't see like the pair of thestrals that would hang around the forest that stretched out behind her home. By the time Kaylee had met the thestrals memories of that night when she lost her parents came back, one or both of her parents died before her. To this day she still gets flashbacks of what happened, but never the full picture. She knew from her own reading on Magical Creatures that only someone whom has witnessed a death could see a thestral, which left her to never tell anyone about the creatures she spent a good amount of time with. She still had a love for camping, perhaps a way to feel 'closer' to her parents, during these trips just out in the backyard normally she would spend plenty of time watching the stars and making the different animals, or shapes that might be seen.

School Life

Her family had long been placed in Hufflepuff house and thus Kaylee was placed there as well to continue on the family tradition. Kaylee tried to branch out and get into other classes that seemed interesting but her life always came back to the magical creatures that would flock to her. By third year she was given several nicknames, and certain teachers suggested she put her gift to good use and take up more classes concerning them. So she did, any class she could take involving magical creatures she would take, along with anything else she felt would possible come in handy. When able she would also spend plenty of time with the game warden putting her 'gift' to good use and with the teachers that classes dealt within her interests.

Friends were made, lost, and some friends turned into enemies though Kaylee never backed down from any of it. She was the 'animal girl', the fighter and the defender of students that seemed unable to defend themselves. An thanks to her 'defending' she got a fair number of broken noses and black eyes during these troublesome times as she stuck her nose into things she most likely shouldn't have. Though certain people feared not only her fists but the way she managed to remember certain spells that could leaving a troublemaking student laying on their backs and puking up slugs.

Not only did Kaylee learn how to fight with her hands, or wand she also picked up some knowledge on how to use certain weapons. She excelled at using a bow loving the feeling of it in her hands, along with a knife or sword. It was always more satisfying to her then using something like a firearm.

By her sixth year the Ministry of Magic was starting to be very interested in Kaylee and her 'gifts'. They already sent people to speak with her on perhaps coming to work for them once she had graduated school. At the start Abigail avoided them as best she can, but what the Ministry wants they normally get sooner or later. When Kaylee did graduate from Hogwarts she stayed on and helped out being a teacher's aide with the Magical Creatures class. She was a teacher's aide for several years until more pressing problems presented themselves that she had to take care of.

Ministry of Magic

Kaylee had rather enjoyed teaching the students at Hogwarts, and wanted nothing more than to stay, and most likely would have if it wouldn't have been for more tragedy in her family. This time it was her grandparents, there house was destroyed and they were sadly killed. The Ministry of Magic blamed it on dangerous creatures though they could not pinpoint which type. Many knew Kaylee had her 'gift' and figured some creature she met as a child might have done the deed, though a reason and the creature behind it was never figured out. In the end he case was eventually considered closed.

Unsure if she should believe the Ministry she came to check on the situation herself. Clues were few to come by, but the ones found brought back memories of the camping trip that basically left her an orphan. Wanting to find out more answers as to what happened Kaylee finally took the job offered by the Ministry of Magic and was placed within the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, the Beast Division.

Since that day she has been there ever since working on the cases she is given and also on the 'cold' case of her family and what could have happened. Only time will tell what she might be able to find.


Kaylee's wand is an 11 inch Chestnut wood wand with a Unicorn hair center


Kaylee has a thing for canines, an at the moment she has a dog that is part crup that she found as a puppy. His name is Helios and he has a reddish brown color, and a thick leather collar, also his tail was docked thanks to him being part crup.

She also has a owl named Artemis, it is pale red in color with white markings. It is known as a Madagascar Red Owl.

RP Hooks

Works for the Ministry of Magic in the Beast Division, perhaps you or someone you know is having a problem with magical animals?

Kaylee has a temper at times, perhaps they have had cross words before in the past?

Did you do something to get her involved thanks to her job?

Maybe we knew one another from school or work?

Any ideas just drop me a line! I'm open for ideas!


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  • Acute Senses
  • High Pain Tolerance
  • Temperamental
  • Wealth:Well-To-Do
  • Heavy Tolerance: Drinking



These two have struck up a rather interesting friendship, she doesn't pay attention to the fact that he is a Quidditch start and treats him like a normal person. An he doesn't mind speaking with someone that deals with 'beasts'. They both have plenty to teach on another it seems. An while she sees him as a friend she does sometimes wish it was perhaps more, still she will be happy with what she has, and not push the matter.


These two meet time to time and have struck up a rather good friendship. They talk over tea, talk at work and so forth. So far it just seems to be a friendship sort of relationship thanks to them working with one another but perhaps times will change it.


Kaylee met Allen thanks to work. She the Ranger that was called out to check on the case of some magical animal in a strange place, and he the 'bad guy' that was causing the problem. Since then the two have had an on again-off again sort of relationship. He tends to be the one that leaves, and she tends to always take him back when he shows up on her door step. Perhaps one day they will figure something out, or she will wise up and stop taking him back.


It was a rather interesting first meeting these two had. A battle of wits, smart comments, and flirting that came out on both sides. Since that fateful night they have ran into one another a few times, and she finds herself more interested in the man after each meeting. Time shall tell where things may possible lead, but she is willing to see what happens. Over the past month Gilbert has been lost in his work, to the point that she hasn't seen or even talked to him. For now she figures he has moved on to something more interesting then herself.


Victor and Edith Quinn
Kaylee parents, no one fully knows what happened that night on the camping trip. Kaylee was the only one to make it out, her parents are reported as being dead.

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