This character is retired, and is no longer in play. While 'traveling' in Germany Agent Benton was discovered and executed as a spy. He is survived by his two orphaned children, Petra and Greyson. Who have been taken in by distant family in Australia.

Military Intelligence
Portrayed by James Purefoy
Name: Kenneth Thomas Benton
Aliases: Ken
Birthday: Nov 10, 1909
Position: Military Intelligence
Lineage: Muggle


Before you is a well groomed man, standing well on the tallish side. Dark waving hair is neatly trimmed, parted on the side and brushed neatly into place across an intelligent brow. Dark expressive eyes watch the world, taking in all the details of his surroundings with a practiced sweep. His mouth can be serious at times, but just as quick to smile when the time arises.


It was love at first sight. Lavignia Seton was quite possibly the most beautiful thing Kenneth had ever laid eyes on in his entire five year existence. The odd little girl who lived down the lane with the hair of gold and eyes like the morning sky enthralled him. Who cared that the other children thought her odd as she grew up? Who cared that strange things occurred when she was around? The quiet young lad thought the world of her, it was all part of her charm that she could help make the small patch of vegetables he tended grow bigger and brighter, eventually yielding more than even his father's garden. It crushed his heart when she came and said that her parents were sending her away to school and that they wouldn't see each other for endless months to come. It was then they made a pact, each cutting their own fingers and allowing their bright blood to pool and mingle together and promising they would not forget one another.

Four summers flew by, their attachment to one another growing before she took him into her confidence and told him a bit of Hogwarts, a school for Wizards. She shared her secret life with him and made him swear an oath to never disclose her life as a Hufflepuff, or of the fantastical classes she took and the knowledge she had of herbology. Solemnly he swore upon England that he never would speak of it to anyone and until this day, he never has. While she was gone, he was studying hard, listening to the older men speak of the Great War and of their tales of service to the Crown. She was a fifth year when he shared his life plan with her of going into the military and using his skills in language and mathematics to serve his country. Their marriage was something that they both planned and when she graduated Hogwarts and returned home, he went to her home and asked for her hand. Her parents tried to put him off, but he persevered. It was only Lavignia's sister, Othelia that turned her back completely on their love. They married in 1930, him in his uniform and she in a smart white dress in a very small ceremony, for his parents and his family, then the next day, went to a reception held in the Wizarding world with all her family and friends. For all that he was a Muggle, he was aware of the way of things, respectful of her life with things Magic and when they were living in their modest London flat, they spoke little of her other life, though she did help him to have a garden the envy of all who saw it.

Petra Elizabeth Benton was born in 1932, followed by Greyson Montgomery Benton in 1934. Both children seem to show promise of their mother's 'peculiar talents', thriving under the gentle care of their mother, supported in a life of relative comfort by their diligent hard working father. Kenneth's job at the Ministry of Intelligence was to keep an eye on the growing unrest in Germany and the slow rise in popularity of a charismatic chancellor named Hitler. On December 3 1935, Lavignia was visiting her parents when their house caught fire and all were killed. Now a widower Muggle raising two young children who are wizarding types, Kenneth is balancing the need for secrecy of the wizarding world's existence with the secrets of his own job. Soon, maybe, Petula will be heading to Hogwarts herself?

RP Hooks

  • Works for the military, doing statistics. His late wife and her parents were killed in a housefire in December 1935. They came from a Pureblood family, the last of their line. The cause of the fire was presumed to be accidental. Each of his children has a set of wizarding Godparents, the identity of whom Kenneth does not know. He also finds himself in need of a nanny for his children.


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  • Chivalrous
  • Claustrophobic
  • Ambidextrous
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Loyalty to England


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