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Beast Master
Portrayed by Sean Bean
Name: Silvanus Kettleburn
Aliases: Professor K, Kettleburn, Crazy Kettle
Birthday: November 22nd, 1889
Position: Hogwarts
Care of Magical Creatures
Lineage: English, Half-Blood


Professor of Care of Magical Creatures, Silvanus Kettleburn is all manly man, roughly 50 years old, of Half-Blood, British heritage with suntanned fair skin tone. He stands at 5'11" and is around 164 pounds in an overall brawny body type. Ear-length dark dirty blonde hair is done in an unkempt layered attractive mess framing a rectangular shaped face. With hooded forest green eyes that are set to either side of his hawk-like nose. Below that nose is a thin upper set of lips. His left eye is a touch more droopy because there is a inch long horizontal scar on that lid, just below his eyebrow. The rest of his a rectangular shaped face is accented in chiseled cheeks, a strong and angular jaw and comes to a wide and cleft chin. Kettleburn smells of a barn, mixed with the outdoors and various creatures and animals. When he speaks the deep gravely tones and accent of York, North England can be detected.

Eleven and a half inches, chestnut, whippy, with a phoenix feather core.

On the rare occasion that he's seen with his shirt off his old, slightly faded tattoos can be seen. Inked into his suntanned skin over he over his heart on his left pect is an ashwinder twisted in a celtic knot to resemble a heart that is giving off red flames. On his back he has a manticore leaping towards the viewer from his back with its wings spread over his shoulders, in a black outline old sailor like ink job. Besides the single obvious scar over his eye the rest of his body is a road map of scars he's earned trying to handle the Magical Creatures he teaches about.

At the moment the Professor is going for a outdoors-man style. He is wearing a dark brown dragon leather jacket over a black poets shirt above an pair of earthy dark brown leather trousers with dark brown dragon leather sturdy knee high boots with a lot of silver buckles completing the look.


A Black Scottish Straight with golden orange-ish eyes. She is used as the demonstrative cat in the CoMC Class for Firsties.

Silvanus Kettleburn was born on November 22nd, 1889, crisp autumn night in Upper Flagley, Yorkshire, England to Daphnis Kettleburn and Chloe Kettleburn nee Westenberg. Daphnis was a Half-Blood wizard who worked for the Ministry of Magic in the Beings Subdivision of the R.C.M.C. for a living. Chloe is a Half-Blood witch who also worked for the R.C.M.C. in the Beast subdivision. They were excellent parents to Silvanus and his little brother, Callirius "Cal" (b. 1896). Childhood for them was down-to-earth, no nonsense and naturalistic. Since the family was comfortable in their budget they had access to fine tutors and a lot of outdoorsy activities. A few of his favorite hobbies growing up were Bug Collecting and Nature Cataloging. The Kettleburn and Westenberg families are both proud, and Silvanus's relationship with all of them is now rather strained. However growing up, they were very close and he misses those bonds.

Lugs means Ears in Yorkshire Slang. He is is used as the demonstrative Owl in the CoMC Class for Firsties.

Silvanus began at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1900 and graduated in 1908. Athletic and Creature Club (Silvanus was founder of this club) were some of Silvanus's extra-curriculars. Being sorted into Hufflepuff House was joyful for Silvanus. Third Year was the year that Care of Magical Creatures and Study of Ancient Runes were taken on along with the core classes. O.W.L.s in these classes were all rather average besides the two Os in Care of Magical Creatures and Charms. Upon returning to Hogwarts 6th year, Silvanus began N.E.W.T. classes of Care of Magical Creatures, Charms and Study of Ancient Runes. After doing very well in these classes he graduated with the class of 1908.

After graduating he became a Dragonologist at the Hebridean Black Dragon Reserve in July of 1908. Silvanus was an extremely dedicated worker and adored what he did at the Reserve. Life was grand, he was thinking of settling down with one of the MacFusty girls but the Muggle World had different ideas for him. In February 1915 his baby brother went and joined the British Armed Forces to do what he can on the Western Front. Cal was barely 18 when he joined up and Silvanus felt compelled to protect his brother once more.

Named Zeus for the lightning bolt like patterns along his sides. He is is used as the demonstrative Toad in the CoMC Class for Firsties.

So it was in February 1915 that Silvanus left his dream job and wand behind and joined the Army to keep an eye on Cal. Orders and duty kept him from being there when his brother needed him the most in the Battle of Arras. Cal was Killed In Action late April, 1917. Guilt ridden by his little brother's death Silvanus went over the deep end and the months between Cal's death and Silvanus going AWOL are some of the darkest days in his life and he never speaks of them. After going AWOL he discovered he had no job or family to return to. He couldn't go back to Upper Flagley because of the muggle presence there. So he went where no Muggles could find him, Hogwarts.

In September of 1917 Silvanus joined the faculty of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as the Professor of Care of Magical Creatures. It has people baffled that he still has a position at the school not to mention most of his extremities. But Silvanus is a very good teacher, his extremely hands on approach is intense but extremely educational.


  • Born: November 22nd, 1889
  • Started Hogwarts: 1900 - 1901
  • Graduated Hogwarts: Class of 1908
  • Hebridean Black Dragon Reserve: July 1908 - February 1915
  • Enlisted in the British Armed Forces: February 1915
  • Callirius (Cal Kettleburn) KIA: Late April 1917 - Battle of Arras
  • AWOL: July 1917
  • Hogwarts Professor: September 1917 - Present.
  • Ashwinder Incident of 1940: When pressured by Beery to come up with a good creature for the knight to slay in the Pantomime, Kettleburn conjured up an Ashwinder and enlarged it with a spell. He would of had things completely under control, but he didn't count on the Ashwinder laying eggs. It weighs heavy on his already guilty conscious.


  • Reckless
  • Adventurous
  • Animal Magnetism
  • Creature Lover
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Professor of Care of Magical Creatures
  • Notorious for bringing dangerous animals to school
  • Yorkshire Slang: Kettleburn is a no nonsense man of Yorkshire. His speech is riddled with many of their slang terms.


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Daphnis Kettleburn
Father: (1968 - 1938) Half-Blood. It was Daphnis that made Silvanus feel like he should not return at all if Cal were to be killed under his protection. His father didn't care about stations and duty and that Silvanus would have been killed as well if he disobeyed orders in order to save Cal. Silvanus and his father did not speak from Cal's death until there was no longer an option to reunite because Daphnis died in 1938.


Chloe Kettleburn nee Westenberg
Mother: (b. 1870) Half-Blood. Unlike her husband, when Cal died Chloe did not shun Silvanus. Since his father has died and secretly before that; Silvanus sends his mother money to help her maintain a comfortable life of retirement.


Callirius "Cal" Kettleburn
Little Brother: (1896 - April 1917) Squib. It wasn't easy for Cal being a Squib, he lost a muggle girlfriend to another neighborhood boy because he joined up and that was romantic to her. So Cal joined up himself but not just over the girl, he also was a very patriotic young man and wanted to finally feel a part of something. Cal was barely 18 when he joined up in secret. A month later when news reached Silvanus, he dropped everything to join up himself so he could watch over and protect his little brother. Orders and duty kept him from being there when his brother needed him the most in the Battle of Arras. Cal was KIA in late April 1917. Guilt ridden by his death Silvanus went over the deep end and the months between his death and Silvanus going AWOL are some of the darkest days in his life and he never speaks of them.


Wife: (b. July 9th, 1888) Half-Blood. Enid's adventures in the wilds of Africa and beyond have given them plenty to talk about. The two are often seen in one another's company. What was not seen is the behind closed door passionate affair the two were having. On the Summer Solstice (June 20th) of 1941 they were married. A little cub is due around Christmas of 1941. Because of their rather strong individuality Enid is keeping her maiden name of Pettigrew.


Colleague: (b. June 11th, 1914) Pure-Blood. Kettleburn has high regard for Camilla as a colleague, fellow animal-lover, and a good friend. Camilla regularly substitutes for Kettleburn when he is unavailable (likely due to some beast-related injury).


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