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Absentminded Dreamer
Portrayed by Adam Sevani
Name: Kiefer Aubrey Vaughn
Aliases: -
Birthday: Feb 21, 1922
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Muggle-born


Lean and lanky, with an overconfident yet goofy grin? Must be a teenager! A mid-teen, at that. As mentioned before, the youngster is somewhat tall, standing at about five feet and seven inches, though his just slightly above average height may not be the first thing one notices about Kiefer. It's the messy mop of dark brown curls that dominates his head which steals the show. Excessively long, the curly mass falls over his forehead and eyes more often than not, completely hiding his ears and teasing his neck. Almond shaped eyes are a warm brown color, framed by dark lashes. His skin is a bit darker than fair, its vaguely tanned hue hinting at some vaguely mixed heritage. Italian, perhaps.

He wears the typical garb of a Hogwarts Hufflepuff student. Dark grey trousers are just slightly baggy, though not overly so and rest in slight folds upon black shoes. A white collared shirt is worn beneath a gray sweater vest trimmed with black and yellow. Around his neck is a tie striped with the same black and yellow as the vest, and over it all is Hogwart's cloak with a yellow inner lining and the Hufflepuff crest stitched upon the chest.


Kiefer is the youngest of three children, but he is the youngest by a mere five minutes. His paternal twin brother, Kieran was born ahead of him, and both brothers have another brother, Jaxon, who is older than them by two years.

Hers house full of boys! Every mother's dream. The three rambunctious brothers were very close, and trouble tended to come in threes in the Vaughn household. But Kiefer and his siblings were never short on love. Raised by both a mother and father in a small rural town outside of London, Mrs. Vaughn, a native Italian, was a doting mother to her three rambunctious sons, leaving her English husband, a hard-working manager at drilling company, to be the main bread winner.

Life for the muggle family was as normal as could be, despite difficult economical times. Although not poor, the family could afford the bare minimums of comfortable life, with splurging ever the rarity. But time passed with the three boys well fed and happy, not knowing the troubles and burdens of the poor. The brothers grew and eventually all started school, freeing their mother to turn the hobby of gardening to a small career, selling menial crop to help with the growing expenses that comes with raising three young children. Kiefer enjoyed school, finding it easy to make friends and winning over the hearts of teachers with his unruly mop of girlishly curly hair and friendly disposition. His curiosity was endless, finding awe in the simplest of things. He was a joy to teach, and as he and his brother grew older, their differences soon became more profound. Where Kiefer was outgoing, Kiaran was more reserved. Quieter. Withdrawn, almost, but the two boys' bond remained intact.

The older Kiefer got, the more apparent it became that he was one that needed focus in his life. Too often was he on the side of trouble, unable to keep still or see one task to completion. So, like many mothers and fathers of the time, the two found rather contrasting activities to occupy their son. Sports! was his father's claim. To build strength, character, and a sense of teamwork and value. Music! Argued his mother. To develop creativity and appreciation for the arts. Of course, he received the best of both, inheriting his first violin at the age of seven while also encouraged to partake in games of football with other rural children. And wouldn't you know, he grew to love both and became quite proficient with the fiddle.

Age nine. The twins were in grade four while their elder brother was in sixth. Kiefer had grown to a popular youngster with many friends, and became known as the class jokester. If ever a trick was done in class, a prank schemed, Kiefer was usually the mastermind behind it all, though luckily for his teachers, his misdeeds were tame. Classic pranks that got him in only minor trouble and solidified his rank in class, despite the idiosyncrasies that were becoming more apparent. He was an odd child. The type to never accept "yes" or "no" for an answer, always following up with a "why" or a "how". The kid whose fashion sense made no sense at all, yet seemed either not to care or notice. And it was now when a random interest in eastern civilizations opened books of a rather interesting looking practice of poses and stretching to relax and heal the mind and body. He just had to try, and like his other hobbies, enjoyed it enough to continue practicing. Nine years of an average life. Kiefer couldn't complain, and though his brother was not as successful at climbing the elementary ladder of popularity, Kiefer always made it a point to include his sibling in his shenanigans whether he wanted to be part of them or not.

But those nine years of normal life come to an abrupt stop one day after school. The boys were home, engrossed in testing their hypothesis that a person /can/ be launched, much like a slingshot, using the limbs of a tree and various stretching cords and cables. The guinea pig? Kiefer of course. Donning protective gear consisting of a bicycle helmet and a good amount of linens wrapped around the torso, he was ready for takeoff. And take off he did! A good five feet in the air and launched ten feet forward, it was a glorious recipe for a disaster of a crash. And he likely would have suffered many a cut and bruise and broken bone if it wasn't for the odd phenomenon that happened next. The sudden slowing of the hard face-first descent, the near hover an inch above the rock-littered lawn, and the feather light landing that defied all laws of gravity.

What just happened? It was the first of odd events in Kiefer's life. From hovering cups to toys disappearing right in front of his eyes, it was a frightening and amazing time for the youngster. His acceptance letter to Hogwarts came not long after, much to the bewildered of both mother and father who received the letter from a great horned owl one evening before supper. For Kiefer, it was a golden ticket to adventure. Wizards and magic? It was unthinkable! A joke, most assuredly. But that fateful summer, the astonished muggle family followed the curious directions and found their way to Diagon Alley for school shopping. The overwhelming experience was met with excitement by the young wizard who couldn't get enough of the strange world he and his family had been suddenly and wholly immersed in.

But where there was extreme happiness (and a healthy dose of confusion from his poor parents), there was a seed of jealousy festering in Kieran, who did not receive a Hogwart's letter. The muggle born was just that, much like their eldest brother who somehow was more accepting that he was a "normal bloke". This magical world belonged to Kiefer, not him, and that was driven painfully home the day that the twin brothers were separated for the first time in their lives. Whereas Kieran would be attending grade school, Kiefer boarded the shiny Hogwarts Express to begin his new life as a wizard as a first year student. Although he too felt the pain of leaving family behind, especially his twin, his excitement quickly overshadowed those feelings once the train pulled away, chugging along to his new life.

Hogwarts was a happy time for the youngster. He was sorted quickly into Hufflepuff house and became acquainted with those of his new family. He learned quickly, eager to soak in the knowledge of this shiny new world he'd been thrust into. His behavior at Hogwarts was markedly better than at his former school, perhaps fearing the rather "real" consequences at this queer school where students could actually get injured and, rumor has it, killed! First and second years were grand learning experiences, but his awkwardness with magic, thanks to the gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) training of his teachers, gradually grew to match that of your average young wizard. And then, as third and fourth years advanced, so did his ability. Surprisingly enough, his greatest interest, and thus best subject, throughout the years was Herbology. Perhaps reminding him a bit of home, working with plants came remarkably easy to him, and learning the differences between mundane and the far more interesting magical plants became a bit of an obsession. The greenhouse was like a second home. The setting for many a trial and erroneous experiment!

Although a bit of an oddball in comparison to others, for he still has a grand interest in yoga, which he practices in his free time, and has no problem expressing himself in rather interesting ways, he gets along with a majority of the Hogwarts population easily enough. He is a pacifist at heart, never the one to raise his wand first (or at all, if he can help it) in altercations. He'd much rather everyone just get along rather than argue, and does his best to quell disagreements that may arise around him. He's embraced his surprising wizarding heritage wholeheartedly and looks forward to each new school year despite his twin brother's growing resentment.


  • Green Thumb
  • Idealistic
  • Muggle Twin
  • Oddball
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

Muggle born! Despite his years at Hogwarts, is still amazed by new magical discoveries and/or skills of others.

Magical plant freakazoid. He loves them! He grows them. He experiments with them an their properties. Sometimes, those experiments can go very, very wrong.

Member of the art club and plays violin extremely well.

Practices yoga daily. Anybody wanna learn?


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