Character Information
Portrayed by Mirai Shida
Name: Kimiko Saito
Aliases: Kimi, Kim
Birthday: November 5th, 1921
Position: W.A.D.A. Student
Lineage: Muggle-born
Kimi has a thing for fuzzy hats


Slight of frame, and standing not quite five feet tall, Kimiko is frequently mistaken for a girl younger than her years. She has pale, buttercream skin and a round, pixie-like face. Thin, yet pouty pink lips sip between with a small chin and large, dark, almond-shaped eyes. Straight, brunette hair falls just past her shoulders, moving in sheets when she turns her head.


Nobuo Saito was a young Japanese man sent to study at Oxford, as part of the Meiji Restoration's attempts to learn and assimilate western arts and sciences. But Nobuo fell in love with England, and went out of his way to make many contacts there to give him an excuse to return. After marrying his betrothed, he went back to England, settling in London to establish a small shipping company specializing in imports and exports to and from the Far East.

Though they embraced England, the Saito family maintained their ties to Japan, along with many of their traditions. The daughters would eventually travel to their homeland to marry, and sons would be gifted a Japanese bride. Nobuo's grandson, Katsuo, was no exception, and was very pleased when his betrothed, Masako, stepped off of the boat to greet him. But Masako was not as happy. She came from a very traditional family living in the Japanese countryside, and had been taken from the only world she knew and thrust into a modern western country she didn't understand.

Kimiko has studied dance for most of her life

Katsuo did his best to make his wife happy. Having been raised a second-generation British man, he wasn't quite as bound to tradition as his grandfather, and tried to help Masako assimilate to western culture. She fared moderately well, and slowly became more independant. She did not truly love Katsuo, but she came to appreciate his efforts, and chose to play the role of his wife, deciding that she could do much worse.

Kimiko Saito: Irrepressibly Cheerful

When their child was born a daughter, both became concerned for her future. Surely, Nobuo would attempt to marry their sweet Kimiko off to an arranged union in Japan. The tried to raise her to be strong and independent, hoping to find some way to protect her from Nobuo's stubborn traditionalism.

When the strangeness started, Masako first believed they had been cursed, or haunted by an ancestor who was angry for their break from the old ways. But it soon became evident that the bizarre events that seemed to surround their child were not harmful, but in fact benevolent. Flowers would bloom instantly in her presence. Broken dishes and other items would be repaired when her little fingers tried to put the pieces back together. On one occasion, Kimiko fell from a tree, and drifted harmlessly to the ground like a blossom on the wind. If this was an ancestor spirit, it was not angry. It was watching over them.

Understanding came when the family received a visit from a stranger claiming to be from the "Ministry of Magic." It took some doing, but the Muggle Liaison convinced the Saitos that Kimiko's good fortune was her own doing, albeit unconsciously, for she was born a witch. As the Liaison explained about Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, trepidation turned to hope. Their daughter could attend a boarding school that would keep her out of Nobuo's reach, and give her the skills to make her own fate. Never had there been Muggle parents so happy to learn of their child's magical abilities.

Enjoying some quiet time in her family's garden


Kimiko had always been an active and adventurous child. Her sorting into Gryffindor was a natural fit. She was happy to find that, while one of the few students of Oriental descent, that caused her no great difficulty integrating into wizarding culture. Of course, her status as a Muggle-born witch earned her plenty of scorn from those of a purist bent. But she seldom let it get her down.

Her early years at Hogwarts were a whirlwind. Kimi took well to the magical world. Though she didn't excel in any particular magical field, neither did she suffer in any. All around a fair student, and a devoted Gryffindor. She tried out for the Quidditch team in her Third Year, but didn't make the cut. Though that never diminished her enthusiasm for cheering on her housemates.

Despite being as eager as she was, Kimiko generally maintained a calm demeanor (though her friends know she has a goofy side as well), tackling each new adventure with serenity and focus. In this way, she very much like her Japanese ancestors, treating everything the pursued as an art to be perfected. The arts, in fact, became her passion. Whether poetry, painting, or performance, she threw herself into creative pursuits, fascinated at how magic could bring them even more to life (sometimes literally). Her natural grace lent itself well demonstrating the traditional dances of her ancestral home, along with more modern ballet and ballroom dancing. Aside from dance, sculpture and pottery became her greatest love, and she was frequently found in the Hogwarts Club Room, robes spattered with clay as she "discovered" the true form of her materials.

After graduating from Hogwarts, Kimiko began attending the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts to further her passion for dance.


Ten and one-quarter inches, rosewood, pliant, with a unicorn hair core.


Kimiko's pet is a Japanese Bobtail Cat named Shishi ("lion").



Adorably Awkward Kimiko can be pretty dorky at times, but usually manages to come out of it looking pretty cute.
Zen Focus When Kimi puts her mind to something, she enters a state of serene determination.
Spirited Kimi is a very positive person, and puts great enthusiasm and heart into the things she loves, be it the arts, support for her house, or her devotion to her friends.
Wealth: Well-To-Do The family business, Saito Shipping, is successful enough to keep all of the Saitos living well.

RP Hooks

  • Big supporter of all things Gryffindor. Kimi attended every Gryffindor Quidditch match to cheer the team on.
  • Family business is East Asian imports/exports.
  • Kimiko is an extraordinary dancer, frequently seen practicing during Arts Club. She focuses primarily on ballet and a number of traditional Japanese dance styles.
  • Lives with her parents' home in Ladbroke Garden Terrace in Notting Hill.
  • Attends the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts, where she studies dance.

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The founder of the Mud Club! Briar can be rather shocking at times, but I admire her spirit and courage. It's quite inspiring, and I'm happy to be a part of her movement.


Alright, I admit that maybe I was a little attracted to him back at Hogwarts, and he certainly seemed to have a thing for me. I thought we'd both moved past that. But then he fell back into my life, and even though I only barely mentioned it once, he showed up to the opening night of my first big role. I remembered how sweet he could be, and…I kissed him. That's when it got weird. I have no idea what he's feeling. Men are so infuriating.


Eamon is very sweet…and very cute. Underneath that shy exterior, he shares my love for a good adventure. We dated for a little while, but I suppose we've ended up just good friends. *sigh*


I loved that silly boy dearly. I still do, but I can't follow him down a self-destructive path, nor to America.




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