Character Information
Portrayed by Himself
Name: King Albert Frederick Arthur George
Aliases: King George VI
Birthday: December 14th, 1895
Position: By the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India
Lineage: Muggle


Those who have only seen a portrait or a photograph will recognize this pale Breton man's coiffed chestnut hair, his long oval face, and roman nose. But in person, he isn’t quite as tall as one might have expected. To many a muggle, the most remarkable thing about the King — before one can even process the fullness of the fact that they are speaking to a King — is his gaze. If he is calm or pleasant, and he is often both, his eyes are a placid cloudy blue, the shade of marsh waters at dawn. They radiate a nostalgic serenity that many Bretons of this age are loathe to let go. But when the King's ire is raised, or he has questions, or is unsettled, his eyes glint like the sparks in a distant storm cloud beneath a furrowed brow. It is a quality better seen in motion than in stills.

His usual choice of clothing underscores this contrast in his appearance; he goes about most functions wearing a simple black three-piece suit, with a handsome but ordinary black necktie. However, for important social functions he may instead wear the traditional uniform of the British Field Marshal: a navy blue tailed coat ensemble with gold cord, epaulets, cuffs, belt, and other trim. Multiple heavy medallions and ribbon hang from the right side of the coat's chest, and a light blue sash crosses his chest from left shoulder to right hip.


Born on 14 December 1895, Albert Frederick Arthur George grew up in the shadows of giants. He was the second son of King George V, and the day of his birth was the death anniversary of his grandfather, Prince Consort Albert. He suffered from ill physiological and psychological health even as a child; his parents were distant, he was easily frightened and developed a stammer, he had chronic stomach problems, and his knees knocked even as a little boy. Altogether, he required a battery of medical treatments for his whole life. His older brother Edward was healthier and more outgoing, and so Albert harbored neither interest nor expectation that the crown would ever rest upon his head.

During the muggle's Great War, Albert acquitted himself well as a turret officer in the Battle of Jutland and moved on to the newly created Air Force, becoming the first royal combat pilot. Post-war, he continued to focus on intimate and personal elements he could do as a royal; as the newly elevated Duke of York, he toured the lowest parts of industry — coal mines, factories, railyards — and took a keen interest in the welfare of the common working muggle, hoping to break down some of the barriers of society.

But what changed the plan of succession was the brothers' marital situations. Prince Albert fell in love and married early, in 1923. His brother, Edward, remained unwed and without children long after, engaged in dalliances and scandals that frightened the King and the Prime Minister. Whatever Edward's other virtues, his unsteady behavior raised concerns that he would not respect the power of Parliament. When King George V passed in January of 1936, it triggered a constitutional crisis as the newly crowned King Edward VII attempted to marry a twice-divorced American woman, Wallis Simpson. With the King was also the head of the Church of England, this was considered a bridge too far. Edward stepped down by December of the same year so that he could marry Wallis Simpson, becoming the Duke of Windsor while Albert took the throne as King George VI.

King George has immediately set to work as a diplomat and a politician given the unstable state of Europe, working to buttress the political support of Britain behind its leaders and to try and curry favor in America. His Royal Highness is keenly aware that Britain cannot win its current war alone.

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  • Stammer
  • Noble: King
  • Wealth: Opulent

RP Hooks

  • King of the United Kingdom: He is the man in charge! Long live the King!
  • Not an Excellent Public Speaker: At one time the King had a stammer that made public speaking difficult. With a lot of practice and training he is now able to speak with more ease.


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George V
Father: (June 3rd, 1865 - January 20th, 1936 (aged 70)) Muggle. King George the Fifth's Wikipedia Page.


Mother: (b. May 26th, 1867) Muggle. Queen Mother Mary of Teck. The Queen Mother's Wikipedia Page.


Wife: (b. May 26th, 1867) Muggle.Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon and then Prince Albert were married on 26 April 1923, at Westminster Abbey. Elizabeth laid her bouquet at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior on her way into the Abbey, in memory of her brother Fergus.


Daughter: (b. April 21, 1926) Muggle.


Daughter: (b. August 21, 1930) Muggle.


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