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Portrayed by Deep Roy
Name: Kogrod
Aliases: -
Birthday: Feb 25, 1912
Position: Reporter for the Daily Prophet
Goblin Culture and News
Lineage: Goblin


This is a goblin; a small humanoid creature with craggy, darkish skin, pointed ears, a long and pointed nose, and long, sharp-nailed fingers. He's distinguished by a particularly lumpy forehead, a wide mouth, and wavy brown hair concentrated at the back of his head. He's currently dressed professionally in a white shirt, brown pants, black shoes, and a gray vest and tie.


Kogrod is part of a family that had for a long time been more politically active than most goblin families. His ancestors were leaders in some of the famous goblin rebellions, and even when they weren't fighting against human wizards and witches, they were usually practicing some other form of agitation for goblin rights. Indeed, his parents, known as Gummug the Runny-nosed and Nogra the Tonedeaf, met at a goblin rights protest upon the inauguration of the new Minister for Magic in 1903. Both being employees at separate branches of Gringotts (Gummug being a train operator at the main office in London, while Nogra was a teller in the New York branch; she joined the protest as part of a small group of American goblins who joined the march in solidarity), they had a good relationship from the beginning, and after several exchanges of gifts they were married in 1909, whereupon Nogra moved across the pond to London, joining the staff at Gringotts' main office. Their only child, Kogrod, was born three years later.

From an early age, Kogrod was trained in the staple skills of goblin society: management of money, metalwork, and intellectual pursuits. He heard many stories of his ancestors' efforts to better the lot of goblinkind, and this led him to the idea that what was needed was, rather than a disorganized mob, goblins needed one spokesperson who would reach large numbers. He thought he had what it took to be that goblin. When he attended Grubkar's Academy for Goblins in his teenage years, he concentrated on classes that would give him the skills to lead and persuade others, especially in writing. Of course, he also learned the goblin style of enchantments, allowing the making of magic items without a wand.

After leaving school in 1929, Kogrod first attempted to start his own newspaper called The Gold Standard, with both English and Gobbledegook editions. However, while the project gathered some interest from the local goblin community, humans largely ignored it, as the Daily Prophet, as always, held the preeminent role in reporting, including in business matters. Frustrated by his inability to reach a wide audience, Kogrod left his newspaper in 1933 and attempted to get the Prophet to hire him. Fortunately for him, the Prophet that year was attempting to make itself seem more tolerant of nonhuman beings due to the backlash from an uncharacteristically insensitive article about a vampire, so it agreed to hire him. He now writes both straight business news as well as opinion columns about matters concerning goblins, though the Prophet's editors make sure he doesn't go too far. He's a regular at Robert Carmichael's restaurant on Diagon Alley, claiming they have the best haggis in town.

RP Hooks

  • People who are active in politics or the wizard economy might end up meeting Kogrod for interviews.
  • If you're a goblin interested in giving goblins a better place in the world, Kogrod might be on your side. He's a member of the Brotherhood of Goblins.

Kogrod is a community NPC, which means please feel free to use him as a contact at the Daily Prophet in the Economy and Politics section. Feel free to write economic/political articles in his name.

When using Kogrod as a Community NPC, consider the following:

  • Kogrod is a goblin. He does not have a human perspective on things, though he does have a decent understand of how humans view things.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Stubborn
  • Arrogant
  • Humorless


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