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Character Information
Portrayed by Voice of Timothy Bateson
Name: Kreacher
Aliases: Creature
Birthday: October 31, 1878
Position: Servant of the Black Family
Lineage: House-Elf


A house-elf with a gaunt and saggy appearance. Though not too old for a House-Elf Kreacher is on the down slope of his prime. Spending many years in a too small cage has given Kreacher a hunched appearance with a long floppy dangling nose, bloodshot sky blue eyes, many folds of skin, and white hair growing out of his bat-like ears. For a house-elf he's rather tall and his long spindly thin arms and legs add to this appearance, standing at a whopping 3'4".


When the last Black Family house elf knocked a pumpkin from a railing and it fell on Cy's head, the house-elf lost his. Head, that is. It is mounted now on the upper gallery at number 12 Grimmauld Place, stuffed, on a plaque alongside the many before him. A grim reminder to all future and present elves what happens when they displease their masters… or when they simply become too old to carry a tea-tray. One day, Kreacher hopes, he will take his place alongside these stuffed servants of the noble house of Black. His family.

Born and raised in servitude to the Black Family, like his parents and several generations before them, Kreacher is a.. well, creature.. of unwavering loyalty to his masters, in spite of their often cruel treatment of their lessers. While prone, on occasion, to a grumbling and spiteful tongue, his manner toward his owners is ever-respectful, to the point of simpering.

When Marius Black escaped the house after his father's attack, Cy Black accused Kreacher of aiding the squibs escape. It was a false accusation so Kreacher got to keep his head. However it didn't stop Cy from tossing Kreacher into a cage to rot until use was found for him. He was released from his cage on Halloween of 1940 as a replacement to the beheaded House-Elf before him, and as a Christmas present for Cy's grand-daughter, Walburga, when she visited for the holiday. While most of the House-Elves are ordered to keep themselves out of sight and notice, Kreacher is ordered that when ever his Mistress is home he will wait on her hand and foot. Kreacher sees the honor in this role and he enters into it proudly.


RP Hooks

  • Servant of the Black Family - Kreacher obediently serves the most ancient and noble house of Black.
  • Walburga - When she is not at Hogwarts Kreacher his his Mistresses little shadow. He keeps out of sight of others, but the moment she needs something he will attend to her.


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Mistress: Kreacher is to be the most loyal servant of Mistress Walburga. She is known to have a keen mind and shrewd sensibilities about the world. Kreacher is absolutely loyal towards Walburga. He understands her pleasure means a very long life in a powerful household. No more pet shops for Kreacher!


Master: Cyrus put him in a tiny cage to rot when Cy in a fit falsely accused Kreacher of helping Marius escape. Well lesson learned. While grateful to be out of that cage Cyrus is the House-Elfs least favorite Black. Kreacher will never let that loathing show, he values his head right where it is.


Special Rules

System: House-elves can perform their magic freely without the need for a wand or incantation (suffering no penalty for casting non-verbally or wandlessly). They do require a hand gesture of some kind, meaning that a house-elf with its hands bound cannot perform magic. The only Wizarding Skill house-elves need is Charms (in fact, they are required to take it). This skill allows them to use the spells mentioned below only (even spells that normally use other Wizarding Skills). House-elves cannot learn any other spells.

Aside from Charms, the only other Wizarding Skills a house-elf may take are Creature Lore and Herbology, as these are entirely knowledge-based and do not involve actual use of magic.

All house-elves that are still servants must have Wealth: Destitute. A free house-elf might have a higher Wealth, though it's unlikely they'll ever achieve higher than Poor.

  • Binding Magic: A house-elf can produce a form of binding magic similar to an Incarceration Jinx, but without physical ropes.
  • Countermagic: House-elves are able to interfere with ongoing magical effects in the manner of a Lesser General Counter-Spell.
  • Domestic Magic: House-elves can perform all domestic spells (those taught in the Domestics Club at Hogwarts).
  • Levitation: House-elves can levitate objects through the air like a Levitation Charm.
  • Loyalty: House-elves using magic directly in service to their masters (i.e. obeying a direct order or protecting a master) gain a +3 bonus to their rolls.
  • Knockback: House-elves produce a powerful Knockback Jinx.
  • Teleportation: House-elves can pop from place to place in a manner very similar to a wizard's Apparition (thought it is not Apparition), and they can even bring others with them, like Side-Along Apparition. House-elves are unconstrained by anti-Apparition magic, and never risk splinching. This requires no roll, but destinations are limited to places the house-elf has been before, or that are within the elf's direct line of sight.

House-elves also suffer some serious drawbacks:

  • Negation: Any lasting magical effects created by a house-elf can be negated if the elf is rendered unconscious.
  • Servitude: Any roll, magical or otherwise, made in defiance or to the detriment of a house-elf's master suffers a -5 penalty. Whether successful or not, the elf will feel compelled to punish itself, usually by way of self-inflicted pain.
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