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Character Information
Portrayed by Ceallach Spellman
Name: Landon Longbottom
Aliases: -
Birthday: February 10th, 1925
Position: Grocer at Carkitt Market
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Landon hasn't always fit his body shape, but as the years of school go on he grows taller and well a bit less soft looking. He still has a bit of roundness to him but it looks much better than it had when he was younger. His hair is kept short though still seems to have a mind of its own and is dark-brown. His eyes betray a softness perhaps but are typically warm and rarely harsh. He can usually be found in school wearing his uniform a Gryffindor student.


Not everyone has a blissful childhood. Not everyone is loved unconditionally. Few children know this better than Landon Longbottom. The son of a reputable Auror and a talented witch in the IMC, it was perhaps safe to say that he had unreasonably high expectations placed upon him from the very beginning; certainly in his mother's case. While she tried, at first, to teach him the basics of magic, Cresentia became quickly frustrated when he didn't grasp them as swiftly as she had expected and thereafter tended to leave him to his father to entertain; her work keeping her away from home more often than not. As for Landon, he was an amiable boy, who developed an early interest in the natural world, a fascination for plants still a closely held interest of his. When, by the age of six, he had still failed to offer any implication of magical ability, his mother made the decision to abandon the family; Landon suspects because she was unable to bear the humiliation of raising a Squib, though nobody will actually say so to his face. Ironic, then, that the first glimpse of his magic would come as the little boy desperately tried to fly after her. If only he hadn't crashed into that tree, instead.

For the next few years, life went on really quite pleasantly. Despite the initial upset over Cresentia's departure, Landon and his father settled into a partnership of sorts, without the constant demands and withering disparagement of the woman. While it was no means easy raising a child, especially on an Auror's schedule, his father always managed to make ends meet without complaint and Landon held him in great affection and esteem. It was perhaps life's cruelest blow that his remaining parent would be snatched from him when he was only ten; killed in the line of duty and leaving the boy an orphan. Adopted by his Uncle, Harfang, and his young wife, Landon was at first a withdrawn and silent little thing. Unsurprising, all things considered. The odd little patchwork family stumbled along, though, and by the time his half-siblings, Algie and Enid, were born he had come out of the dark spell of depression.

His arrival at Hogwarts saw him sorted into Gryffindor, much to the pride of his adopted parents, and while he perhaps had to work harder than most to pass his classes, the young lad has matured into a friendly and sociable sort, with a notorious green thumb. Third Year he began Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies as his electives. Graduating after O.W.L.s he plans on working at Carkitt Market to save for a shop with a loft above it. The shop is to prove capability in providing for a wife so that he can finally ask for Augusta Macmillan's hand in marriage. He knows Augusta wants her own Millinery Shop and it would be a wedding present for her to be able to eventually quit her job at Twilfit & Tattings and have her own business as they start their new life together.

RP Hooks

Maybe we're both in Gryffindor?
Perhaps you've seen him struggle and want to help.. or make fun
Perhaps you know of his family situation and either want to be friends or poke fun at it.


  • Green Thumb
  • Always Disheveled
  • Wealth: Comfortable


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Adopted Father - When father died, Langdon's little brother, Harfang, took him in and adopted him. He is very grateful to Harfang. He doesn't call him any fatherly titles and Landon appreciate that Harfang doesn't take offense to this. There is also a lack of use of Uncle now as well, Harfang and Callidora both are in this strange grey area of strongly being family, just having no title for it.


Adopted Mother - When father died, Langdon's little brother, Harfang took him in and adopted him. Callidora and Harfang only just had been married and she has been the mother that Landon never had. At first he didn't call her Mum because no one was really sure what to call each other and so they just stuck to first names. Then when Callidora had Algie and Enid he wanted to make sure that they wouldn't mind him calling her that. Harfang and Callidora both are in this strange grey area of strongly family, just no title for it.


Algie Longbottom
Adopted Brother - Algie was born in 1935. In a way he was named after Landon's father Langdon because hear tell, Harfang couldn't pronounce his brother's name when he was little and it came out sounding like Algie. Landon was the third person to get to hold Algie after Callidora and Harfang of course. Landon always wished he had siblings, he won't admit it, but he cried a little when the midwife passed Algie to him and called him Landon's Little Brother. Algie being born is what really brought Landon out of his depression after his father died. As he grows he just gets funnier. Doing strange things just for the laughs from others. He loves heights and leaping from them, poor Callidora is going to die of fright one of these times.


Enid Longbottom
Adopted Sister - Enid was born in 1937. Unlike the Summer Baby that Algie was, Enid was born while Landon was at Hogwarts. But this hasn't put a damper on the affection Landon feels for his youngest sibling. While there's no title for Harfang and Callidora, there is no doubt that he views Algie and Enid as his little brother and baby sister.


Langdon Longbottom
Biological Father - Langdon was a reputable Auror. Landon wishes he was made of the sort of stuff his father was. But that's just not him. His father had it very hard in trying to raise Landon alone. Landon is haunted by the thought that this hardship is what caused his father to have such an off day that he got caught unawares. His father died in the line of duty in 1934.


Cresentia Pyrites
Biological Mother - She left in 1930 when Landon was 6 years old. Of course no one will verify it for him, but Landon has a hunch his late blooming had something to do with it. How ironic that it was him trying to get on a broom and fly after his leaving mother that was his first sign of magical ability because he succeeded, if only partially because he crashed into a tree.


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