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Portrayed by Sophie Turner
Name: Laryssa Wilhelmina Stuart
Aliases: Lara
Birthday: Feb 16, 1923
Position: Ravenclaw, 6th year
Lineage: Half-blood


Lara is a slender girl with bright blue eyes and hair best described as chestnut-brown with a touch of red. She is no longer as skinny as she used to be when she first came to Hogwarts, and her body has grown more feminine curves. Her face still has a rather pale complexion with many faint freckles. Lately, she has taken to applying a subtle make-up enhancing the colour of her lips and cheeks and covering up most of her freckles. Her immaculate Ravenclaw uniform is supplemented by a silken scarf in house colours and a tiny silver necklace in the shape of a butterfly.


Laryssa (Lara) was born on February 16, 1923 as the third child of Thomas Stuart, a Muggle Professor for German Philology, and Amalia Stuart (Eldritch), a German-English Pure-blood witch. Her elder brother Robert has shown no magical talent. He became an engineer after Muggle schooling and joined the Royal Navy against the expressed will of his parents. Her elder sister Annabelle graduated from Hogwarts and successfully applied at Muggle Oxford College, studying history and literature. Lara’s family enjoys a comfortable wealth level both in the Muggle and in the wizarding world.

Lara is of small build and has little physical strength. When the other children were frolicking outside, she used to sit in the shadow of a tree or in a tucked away corner of the house to read and dream her way into stories, a trait that was further encouraged by both her parents. Upon arrival at Hogwarts in 1934 she was sorted into Ravenclaw, where she spent the first two years buried in books. Later she developed new interests like dancing and arts, making new friends and generally becoming a lot more sociable. She excels in Charms, her favorite subject, and generally does well in her other subjects. Her NEWTs are Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Transfigurations.

Being a fierce pacifist has caused her trouble in times of conflict, as did her partly German heritage. She had kept a low profile throughout much of her fifth and sixth year and did not join the "resistance" against former headmaster Flint. To Lara’s distress, with the Muggle declaration of war, her brother went into actual combat on a naval vessel. For the sake of her extended family both in England and in Germany, she would do anything to end the war. She sympathizes with much of the Unity party's manifesto, and even some of Grindelwald's ideas. This Muggle war had to be stopped, and if it took Wizards to do so, then so be it.

German Heritage

Lara's grandfather Jerick is head of the main branch of the pure-blooded Eldritch family living in London. The Eldritch family came over to England in the late 1800s. They settled in London and set up a trading business. The Eldritch family at this time is quite well-to-do with connections and respect in many pure-blood circles. They are known for being good at business and often get involved in politics. They are largely a neutral family and known for both cunning and bravery and the family is a mix of former Slytherins and Gryffindors with a few Ravenclaws here and there (see also Nathan).

Lara's grandmother Freya comes from the von Eichmann family, who lives near Freystadt in the Province of Silesia, Germany. Amalia had inherited the pride for her German heritage from her own parents Freya and Jerick, and has handed it down to her daughter Lara, even though - due to the fact that she had married a Muggle - Amalia had been shunned by her family for some time. At least, she upheld the custom to send her daughter to Germany every year to visit her distant relatives.

RP Hooks

  • Lara has an interest in German culture, literature, history and speaks fluent German with only a hint of an accent. Being connected to Germany via blood ties (her mother's side of the family) may be viewed with suspicion by some.
  • Lara is inherently idealistic and pacifist, despising all acts of violence. Not the best attitude in times of conflict. Some Gryffindors and even Ravenclaws call her disloyal and indecisive as she tries to take a neutral stance in quarrels and did not get involved in the "resistance". Slytherins simply consider her a weakling.
  • Being half-blood, Lara strongly and openly opposes any discrimination against Muggles and Muggle-born. However, she sympathizes with the Unity party's manifesto and is not entirely hostile to the idea of Grindelwald's "For the Greater Good", following Muggle news about the start of the war with great concern. After all, her brother is now in actual combat… and only an intervention by the wizarding community may still be able stop the impeding horrors of war.
  • Lara used to be a vivid reader, both of Muggle and wizard literature, although in her fifth year OWLs got the better of her and in her sixth year, NEWTs are still eating up most of her free time.
  • Charms. Charms. Charms. Her favourite subject. It's magic! Now a NEWT student.
  • Need a quick lesson in ballroom dance? Or swing, for that matter? Not that any wizards would have heard of it… but Muggles love it.


Ten inches, birch, bendy, with a unicorn hair core.


A tiny grey owl called "Swanhild".


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Idealist: A better world for wizards and muggles alike is possible.
  • Pacifist: Despises any form of violence, would do anything to stop the war.
  • Naive: Trusting and Idealistic to the point of naivity, falls easily to scam.
  • Scared of Heights: She really hates flying.

Character Diamond

  • idealist, trusting
  • caring, gentle
  • awkward, bookwormish
  • law-abiding, well-mannered


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He has changed much (although he can still be impulsive and infuriating), and so have I. We have grown, and now we have only until summer, before he will leave Hogwarts and… disappear? Like a bird that cannot be imprisoned in a cage forever. Will he ever be mine? We are an unlikely match, but so were my parents, when my mother agreed to marry my father, against all odds and against the expressed will of her family. For the time being, I enjoy the precious time we spend together.


Friend and classmate, Ravenclaw. Shared German heritage and language.


Best coated in chocolate pudding.


Impulsive with a strong sense of justice. Ready to fight. Just what one would expect from a young Gryffindor lion. However, what is most notable is her ability to forgive and seek peace!


Malfoy and Slytherin, obviously. Still, he appears to be rather open-minded and thoughtful, studying German and visiting South America. A positive surprise.

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