Wizarding Romeo
Portrayed by Daniela Sea
Name: Laurence Odelle Sybil 'Toulson' (Macnair)
Aliases: Larry, Ice Dragon
Birthday: Oct 31, 1908
Position: Master Broom Maker
Lineage: Pure-Blood


The individual who stands before you stands at about 5'11 with a muscular build that compacts hidden strength with dexterity in a seemingly harmless lean figure. Enigmatically androgynous to the point of walking the line between both genders and leaning more towards the 'pretty' male, he has the tanned skin, high cheekbones, a soft yet angular jaw-line and startling ice-blue eyes that have a rare greenish tinge to them depending on his mood, framed with long lashes. His hair dark brown hair is worn long enough to to barely brush against his collar often worn in a tousled just rolled out of bed style. There's a natural swagger in his movements, graceful and sinuous yet not lacking in confidence and his hands are those of somebody who is no stranger to hard work. He does have tattoos that reflect his many travels, mostly hidden under clothing.


If you were a rising Quidditch star with fans and friends and family…a whole wealth of potential untapped and a future before you…why would you give that all up and drop off of the Wizarding World Map? Nobody knows really…there once was a young androgynous witch named 'Lauren Macnair' who went missing after a year or so playing professionally for a Scottish Quidditch team. Then she 'died' or 'retired' somewhere nobody could find her and was never seen again. Laurence Toulson was born and traveled the world, living amongst Muggles. India, Turkey, Moscow, Peru, Ethiopia, China, Poland…just some of the places he traveled and over the years. He had even settled down in Greece and started to make a name for himself as a broom maker.

He's finally come back to England, producing some of the finest brooms and selling them to exclusive clients like…international Quidditch teams and ministry of magic officials and the like. Charms are where his magical specialty lies. Broom Making is his craft and he has some skill and a understanding of darker hexes and curses that he often uses for security purposes in his products. He believes that even after being harvested and cut, wood is alive. He understands woodlore and uses that in his craft. Brooms are alive in their own way and so they must be taken care of with the same care somebody would take care of a horse or another living being. He has sympathy for the broom makers who worry more about quantity as opposed to quality. Every broom that he makes is unique in its own way and he doesn't sell or give away anything he isn't proud of. He is purchasing a broom shop in London and planning on reintegrating himself into the Wizarding community. He's also on call for people who need their broomsticks serviced or repaired or Quidditch games need a guest referee or person to test brooms for hexes and the like.

People who follow the news or Quidditch will probably start recognizing his face, due to him having certain androgynous features and startling ice blue eyes that earned him the nickname: 'The Ice Dragon' when he was playing. The prodigal son has returned…and seeing as family, old friends and past fans don't know if 'Lauren' is really alive or dead, it may be a surprise to many. He's bringing his charm, his skills, and his heartbreaking nature with him and he's ready to get to work.


10 1/2 inches long, made of sturdy aspen wood. The core is made of unicorn hair.


He has a Turtle Dove (Mourning Dove) named Belisma who is his little companion and he raised from a baby dove.


He has a rather…opinionated Scops Owl named Beag who helps him with deliveries and such.



Restless Soul: He's never really been at peace within, and he hides it well. He's always run from what he's feeling and what troubles him but he can't keep running forever.
Ambidextrous: He's ambidextrous, something that comes in handy with being a craftsman or when you need to be good with using both hands for a variety of things. *wink wink*
Explosive Temper: He's got a gentle spirit…or he acts like he has a gentle spirit. Very loving and caring and protective and laid back but…if he's riled up to a point of losing his temper, it is usually bad for everybody involved.
Recognizable Features: Icey blue eyes and androgynous features, a handsome woman or a pretty man…there are certain features that cannot be hidden and even though he lives as 'Laurence' now, they are memorable, even if they are confusing.
Wealth: Well-To-Do: He makes a pretty penny selling his brooms, he may have grown up poor but he's not poor now. He however, doesn't live extravagantly.

RP Hooks

Talk to me and there are lots of possible connections:

  • He was a Ravenclaw and graduated in 1927, so there are potential school connections. People who may have known 'Lauren' and been friends or foes. He played as the Seeker for the Ravenclaw for a few years and was even Team Captain at one time.
  • He makes brooms, more specifically custom made brooms for several people and he's good at what he does.
  • He used to be a rising Quidditch Star and while his name may have changed, his eyes and unique features are hard to forget. There could be fans or just people he's played against before.
  • His mother is…a patient at St Mungo's and suffers from delusions and other things after experimenting with potions for years. A bit crazy and she speaks Greek most of the time.

These are just brief examples and the like. He hasn't been in London or England for quite a few years so his arrival may surprise many people and I'm willing to work with folks to create connections and interesting storylines.


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Aspasia Macnair
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