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Character Information
Portrayed by Olivia Holt
Name: Lea Marie Rashley
Aliases: Miss Frigid
Birthday: April 10, 1922
Position: Twilfitt and Tattings
Dress Girl
Ambitions towards Fashion Design
Marriage Material, Pure-bloods Only
Lineage: Pure-blood


With a head of blond curls that easily catch the eye for their gleam, those locks tumble down to frame a cherub's cheeks on a face that conspires towards sweetness and mischief if it were inclined to smiling. Her eyes are dark doe brown, her nose just slight and rounded enough to be considered 'button'. Lea's lips are full and her cheeks are prone to dimple when she smiles; though it doesn't happen often, instead her expression is typically reserved and muted, unless she's been provoked or found a sadists humor at someone else's expense.

Slender of arm, tone of leg, she has the look of someone soft rather than the honed shape of the athletic. Her attire is always neat and figure fitting, emphasizing her curves rather than hiding them, even if some of those curves have the ability to make her self conscious. And perhaps, that attire has the look of being picked out by someone other than herself, like a mother who meddles too much. It seems a little too neatly put together for someone her age, a little too severe.


Lea Rashley was born on April 10th, 1922, in London, at St. Mungo's Hospital, a bawling mass of blond hair belonging to Ysbail Rashley nee Urquart and Eric Rashley who is the son of Christopher Rashley, brother to Seth Rashley. The only female child and a pure-blood who was raised in a family that while not militant was disciplined. While the marriage wasn't loveless, it was lukewarm, born of necessity and pride rather than pleasure - social climbers, who valued the status over friends and envy over warmth. Her mother was quite the micro-manager, one who picked out her clothes and plotted her future. This would remain an issue of contention throughout Lea's young life.

In the year of 1933 she was accepted to Hogwarts and like any good student, Lea strove to excel as was traditional for those in the House Ravenclaw to which she was sorted. leaning magic, tidy magic with a formula that was easy to control, the girl excelled in. The Domestic Club helped with this and, no small pleasure was taken from Arithmancy and the Study of Ancient Runes, but when it came to Muggle Studies, Lea did not last even the first month. The stress of her mother constantly trying to manage her life, even from afar was staring to make her wear thin. So by her fifth year she became borderline rebellious. It lasted for all of two embarrassing Howlers and it died. All hope of doing anything but what her mother wished dwindled and Lea stayed on to take N.E.W.T.s in Charms, Potions and Ancient Runes. Lea graduated without much fanfare in 1940 and moved on and out to try once more to live her own life.

Styling and Sewing topics in Domestics Club was another thing that captured her fancy. Making nice dresses for her friends for the school dances and costumes for the fancy events was something she really did enjoy. For a dreadful small amount of time it looked like the Potters would gain another Rashley, but then Jackson's appreciation for muggles came to the forefront and the contract ended. Graduated, still single and in need to provide for herself if she was to get out from under her mother's thumb Lea chose a profession. A stunning interview landed her as a Dress Girl at Twilfitt and Tattings. It is enough to cover her costs and a small little loft in Luftkin Lofts. It is pleasantly far from her mother's control. However Lea awaits the day where she is paired up once more and she can be the finest trophy wife in all of the Magical United Kingdom.


  • Graceful - A lady should always graceful, poised, eloquent. This is what separates us from the…others.
  • Frigid - There's little warmth to Lea, no history of dating, no secret journal entries with hearts, no longing glances cast in absolutely any direction. It's suggested some of this has to do with her Mother, who's made no secret that her daughter has a very limited pool from which she's allowed to choose.
  • Spiteful - Lea is, prone to holding a grudge, nursing it and turning spiteful with enough or sometimes little provocation. The root of this issue remains to be seen, but rumor has it, her mother is at its source.
  • Fashion Minded - Lea's mother often has a hand in picking out her clothes, still and as such her taste is in the height of fashion, the very best that money can buy and always without wrinkle or stain.
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do - New money. And this must change. New money does not open doors. Old money does and her parents are devout social climbers, intending to use their daughter to foster this next step.


11 Inches inches, Elm, Unbending, with a Dragon Heartstring core.



Frost, a white barn owl with a disposition for biting strangers and being somewhat vicious with his talons.


RP Hooks

  • Extreme Purist - No ifs ands or buts. There is no debate with this, though she will sit and happily debate, until the point that her patience wears thin, precisely where all others are wrong and attempt to help them see the light. (If you're a half-blood or a muggle-born in desire of a female nemesis, feel free to contact me and we'll work a little something out.)
  • Abhors Dirt - Lea hates to get her hands dirty, absolutely. In fact, she hates anything at all being untidy about her appearance, from the way she wears her hair, to the way the buttons of her clothes have to line up precisely with the belt and further, her skirt.
  • Chess - There's no small pleasure taken from the game, the thought that goes into the pieces, stratagem. But it also relaxes her immensely. Something about watching all the little pieces shatter.
  • Charms - Lea was always rather adept when it comes to Charms and has been known to tutor students on occasion during holidays, but only those of proper breeding and status.
  • Pure-Blood: Lea is a member of the Rashley Family. She is biding her time however until a suitable (read as: Pure-Blooded Rich to Opulent) wizard takes her as a bride.


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Ysbail Rashley nee Urquart
Mother: (b. ) Pure-Blood. Lea Marie dislikes her Mother, most intensely, the woman did everything from picking out her clothes and ensuring that they're worn at school, (over the years there were at least two Howlers when she didn't follow Ysbail's strict rules) to telling her precisely what she needs to do with her life, (Marry, marry well and into old money at that) and what she's supposed to study. The pair share some very intense views too and the thing that Lea hasn't yet realized or perhaps simply refuses to admit? Is that she's just like her.


Eric Rashley
Father: (b. ) Pure-Blood.


Rashley Patriarch: (b. 1860) Pure-Blood.


Paternal Cousin: (b. February 25th, 1921) Pure-Blood. One with whom little has been spoken over the years, thanks to varying family differences. But perhaps there's room yet to change that.


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