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The Absolutist
Portrayed by Orlando Bloom (Twin)
Name: Leander Eldric Fox
Aliases: Fox
Birthday: Mar 12, 1921
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-Blood


This adolescent is lanky and pale-skinned, with long, curly black hair that flips about on his forehead. Clean-shaven and earnest-faced, he has solemn brown eyes that make him look foreboding - though when he does smile it's a bit like a glimpse of the sun through storm clouds.


Leander's wand is rigid oak, 14", with a phoenix feather core.



Leander has a small, chipper fennec fox named Aristotle.

He's well built but rather thin, and stands on the tall side; at just under six feet, he's more wiry than muscular. His clothes are the usual Hogwarts uniform: a charcoal-grey sweater as the season grows colder, black slacks, and a green necktie. That and a green and silver badge on his breast show him to be a proud member of House Slytherin. He wears a pair of highly polished black loafers.


Twin boys. Two that look so much alike, but couldn't be more different. Leander and Ripley were born (September 12th and 13th, respectively - Leander nine minutes before and Ripley nine minutes after midnight) to affluent parents with a long line of Slytherins in their past. Their father, a part-owner of Tinsley and Fox, a well respected lawyer firm in Liverpool, raised them for their future in Slytherin. Their whole lives went to this purpose.

Still, boys can grow up differently. Ripley grew stronger and was the type of child that did little to study but did well with his classes. His brother, however, studied all the time and got top marks. Ripley became an athelete and his body showed all of his work. He was fit and trim and glowed with muscle and health. Leander, on the other hand, preferred to devote his time to books and learning. His insatiable appetite for knowledge was the polar opposite of his brother's disposition, yet they got on well enough despite their differences.

When a murder comes into question a family can shine or become dull in the spotlight. Tinsley of the law firm was murdered and evidence was found at the scene that implicated Leander's father in the murder. There was even talk that the twins had a hand in it (although this was untrue). Eventally, the case died down and the charges were dropped against their father, but people still whisper of the possibility of the man and his children taking the man down.

The twins are very attuned with each other. They often know what the other is thinking, and can sometimes share a thought with just a word or a look. They even get that little feeling of premonition in the back of their heads when one or the other is in danger. Once, Ripley was acting a little strong-willed and decided to vault off the roof of the house with his broom; Leander was inside the house and couldn't hear a bit of it, but suddenly knew he needed to be outside. He rushed out just in time to catch his brother in the air as he tumbled to the ground.

They have been at Hogwarts for six years now, sitting in the background as Ripley began to rise through the Quidditch ranks, and Leander the academic.

RP Hooks

  • Recently Leander's reputation for being a studious prude has started to give way to rumors that he's a troublemaker…
  • Well-known for taking everything too seriously.
  • While he might be a stick in the mud, he's also a good tutor and source of academic help/insight.


  • Wealth: Rich - Leander comes from the powerful Fox family, and has never felt the faintest touch of poverty.
  • Finicky - He is compulsive about the need to lead a well-ordered, logical life.
  • Withdrawn - Unlike his brother, Leander his never been a social butterfly.
  • Solemn - The Slytherin makes gargoyles seem good-humored.
  • Twin Intellect - Since they were children, Leander and Ripley have always shared an almost preternatural bond.


Logs featuring Leander Logs that refer to Leander



Deacon Fox
Father. Ever since he took control of his firm, our family's fortunes have continued to go up. I admire his shrewd handling of the business, though I have no desire to become a lawyer…


Approbe Fox (née Prince)
Mother. I've heard our grandparents on the Fox side grumble that she doesn't come from the best stock, but the Howells are very well-off.


My twin. What else is there to say? We know everything about each other… although lately our relationship has been strained. Hopefully now that he's found a new romantic interest we can patch things up.


Aunt Claudia and Uncle Idris's son. I've always considered him to be a model relative; I'm looking forward to seeing him again during summer break.

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