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Character Information
Portrayed by Robert Sean Leonard
Name: Leon Chandler Wilkins
Aliases: -
Birthday: February 28th 1895
Position: Trauma and Spell Damage
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Leon is a man with a constantly alert yet reserved demeanor. He has fair sometimes ruddyish skin, thoughtfully squinted brown eyes, stands about 6'0" tall, and is approximately 153 pounds. His hair is short slightly tousled dark brown hair in a side-parted school boy style.

A man with dark brown hair and thick eyebrows, his nose is a little on the large side, but it looks nice on him. His lips are wide but a little on the thin side, though not in a bad way. His face is strong with a solid jaw line and a nice chin. His eyes are deep, dark brown so they nearly look black at times. He is a tall man, with wide shoulders and a strong looking physique. His hands are well shaped and long of finger, looking rather soft. His waist narrows forming a slight V shape with his chest and shoulders and leads down into a set of long, strong legs and feet which are slightly on the larger side.


From a very long line of healers. A Healer Wilkins has always been found on the roster of St. Mungo's Healers. Everyone loves a healer and pays them well. So Leon grew up quite comfortably. Being the only son, and only child for that matter of the last son of the Wilkins line one could imagine that there was a great deal of pressure on Leon to follow the family way of life. It was expected of him to grow up to have a wand with healing spell at the ready in one hand and a healing potion in the other. Leon did what was expected of him, he had a great sense of loyalty and duty to his father's line and tradition. So he went through school with his nose to the grinding stone and did magnificently on his testing scores. All 'funny business' was somehow learned about and even for the littlest deviance from working hard at school, like trying to join the Drama club would end with a nasty red Howler arriving from his father to remind him of his duty. He wasn't allowed to go to any of the Quidditch Games. His father would send a Howler even if he wandered away from the main grounds. The Howler's became such a common thing that Leon became known as Howl or Howler Wilkins. Leon hates that name. He punched a boy in the nose and then healed him right afterwards when the boy called him Howler to his face. This incident of course just had a Howler arriving from his father the next day.

The only place where his father didn't seem to have any spies was in the muggle world. So Leon would often get together with a fellow Gryffindor and Muggle-Born mate of his, Trevor Myers, and they would go to the cinema. One day after the cinema Leon was invited over to Trevor's Sunday Family meal. That was the day he first met Nancy Myers, Trevor's little sister. Trevor's grandfather began to choke on part of his roast. Before Leon could even get his wand out (which he was willing to do and suffer the Secrecy back-lash to save the life of an 'un-vetted' muggle) Nancy was already performing some muggle medical technique she learned in nursing school. Leon became fascinated. He also started to court Nancy in secret, he was just fascinated by the Muggle medical Techniques she exposed him to, but to the beautiful nurse as well. When Leon became a fully titled Healer he felt that he could provide adequately for Nancy and after he receive the right to do so from Trevor and her parents Leon asked Nancy to marry him and she said yes. Nancy was already vetted by the Ministry back when Trevor first was sent to Hogwarts so there has never been any secrets between them.

They have lived very happily together and now have several children together. Some have shown magical prowess others have not. Unlike his parents Leon is a fair parent that loves each of his children for their merits and flaws. While Leon's parents have rather cut him off, he quite enjoys the peace and quiet. He still brings honor to the Wilkins name as a Healer as he was made to be the Healer in Charge at St. Mungos. A position his own father coveted but never achieved. He is a fair minded Boss and the Hospital has garnered several awards for Service and Hospitality along with Efficiency and actual Healing Care while he's been in charge.

RP Hooks

  • Community NPC. For use in Healing scenes at St. Mungos when there is not a PC Healer available.
  • Would you like to play his children? Wizards and squibs alike. Just +request!


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Stalwart Friend
  • Phobia: Deep Water
  • Tidy


Logs featuring Leon Logs that refer to Leon



Eldest Child - Hattie was sorted into Ravenclaw, where she's thriving in Herbology and Potions


Trevor Myers
Best Friend & Brother-In-Law


Nancy Myers


Co-Worker - During some outbreak mayhem Leon contracted Spattergroit. Ranjali was able to cure him of it enough that he was able to carry on as administrator during the crisis.

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