Character Information
Portrayed by Geoffrey Rush
Name: Leonard Spencer-Moon
Birthday: <Birthday>
Position: Minister for Magic
Lineage: Half-Blood


Leonard is an older man looking to be in his mid fifties. Of Half-Blood English heritage with a fair skin tone, the gentlemanly figure stands at a touch under six feet and is around 175 pounds in weight. With an aged dapper appearance, he possesses short, slick brown hair that is styled as a waxed part framing an oval shaped face. Down turned dark chocolate brown eyes are set to either side of his pointed nose, while a set duck bill-esk lips sits beneath. The rest of his oval shaped face is accented in jowl cheeks and a soft looking jaw. Smelling of musk, he speaks in tones of York, England.


Minister Leonard Spencer-Moon was elected Minister for Magic in 1940.

Spencer-Moon began his career at the Ministry of Magic as a tea-boy in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, and rose through the ranks from there. He became Minister for Magic following his predecessor, Titania Gambol's, political downfall for not taking Gellert Grindelwald's "For the Greater Good" revolution seriously. He has been proving himself a sound Minister, overseeing a period of great international turmoil in both the wizarding (global wizarding war) and the Muggle world (Second World War). He is also known to maintain a good working relationship with Winston Churchill, the Muggle Prime Minister.


  • Level-Headed
  • Fair
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Minister for Magic: Leonard Spencer-Moon was elected Minister for Magic in 1940.
  • Hook 2, etc.


Logs featuring Leonard Logs that refer to Leonard



Senior Undersecretary: As Cassius is the Leader of the Unity Party and proved to be a fine politician and nearly won the Ministry against Leonard, in a deft political move Leonard appointed Cassius Malfoy the prestigious title of being his Senior Undersecretary.


Winston Churchill
Muggle Prime Minister: During the Unity Act discussions Spencer and Mr. Churchill hit it off quite quickly and by the time the election was about to start it was an endorsement from Churchill that really put Leonard in the running. It certainly helped with the Muggle-Born Vote.


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