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The Golden Snake
Portrayed by Wesley Jonathan
Name: Leonardo Vincenzo Zabini
Aliases: Leo, Vincent, Vince
Birthday: January 7th, 1917
Position: Being Division Trainee
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Of a height that could be considered above average and possessing a build that is a step or two beyond simply athletic, Leonardo Vincenzo Zabini does appear to be as ethnically diverse as his name implies. With a chocolate hued skin tone that provides a cultural foundation for his dark brown eyes, Leo's ambitious nature and confidence are easily noticeable. The distinctly curled style of his black hair, mussed up into a 'fro, is a signature element to his look. Angular facial features, a definitively pointed chin and his slightly larger nose all factor into his Zabini heritage.

Perhaps clashing with his namesake, Leo's attire looks more along the lines of someone that actually uses their hands for a living. His pull over shirt is long-sleeved and a dark dirty cream color. Tossed around his neck is a grey and black designed scarf that looks like it might be the most expensive thing he owns. His pants are loose fitting and seem to be forever tinted with the color of rudimentary dust. He keeps a small satchel hanging across him, whilst a customized holster for his wand is attached to the belt holding his pants up. On his feet, a pair of rugged boots that definitely look like they've seen better years.


Born to Lorenzo Zabini, the son of Vincent Zabini (the current Head of the IMC), and his Italian bride Eufrasio Marcone. Leonardo, was… their perfect little boy. Intelligent, courteous and curious about the world around him even from the cradle. He was given the best education and training they could afford, which was considerable. The family split time between their homes in Plymoth and Sienna, giving their children ample opportunity to learn from both the Italian and English cultures. It was their own love for politics that brought them together. Keeping nepotism alive, Lorenzo acted as his father's attache during a trip to Italy, Eufrasio the daughter of the man they were visiting, so it is no surprise that they instilled a deep seated awareness of the political situation around them into their children. In particular Leo found he had an excellent rapport with the family house elves, often seeking out the little creatures as playmates. From there his love for the magical creatures of the world became quite apparent, as was their affinity for him.

When his Hogwarts letter came the family had two reasons to celebrate as his only sibling, Sophornia was born the same day. Easily sorted into Slytherin he proved to be a model student, receiving marks that would make most Ravenclaws jealous. Come Fifth Year, Leo was the obvious choice to become the new Prefect. Following his sixth year at school, he took an apprenticeship at Gringotts and there he determined he would become a Curse Breaker. It was also during the summer that he received his Head Boy pin. He weilded the power with fairness and respect and proved to be someone that most people of any house felt they could go to if mediation was needed. Leonardo put his political prowess to very good work in that role.

After graduation Gringotts was not yet ready to hire him on as a Curse-Breaker, or any other position. So it was that Leonardo on advice from his grandfather decided that he would do his best to install himself into Goblin Culture until he is seen for the valuable asset that he is. Taking a temporary but none the less enjoyable position in the Ministry of Magic within the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures (R.C.M.C.) as an agent of the Being Division within the Goblin Liaison Office.


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Dedicated
  • Commanding

RP Hooks

  • Zabini Bloodline: The Zabini bloodline is both Pure and Infamous. His grandfather, Vincent, is the head of Department of International Magic Cooperation within the Ministry of Magic. It is actually more difficult to not know of the Zabini family than it is to actually know of them. So feel free to fawn over the greatness that is Leonardo Zabini. Also, just being a Zabini provides Leo with all sorts of clout and connections that some others may not actually be privy to.
  • Class of '38: Leonardo attended Hogwarts and graduated at the top of his class. Not only was he a Slytherin Prefect, he was also Head Boy. Those that attended Hogwarts around the same time would know of Leonardo's achievements and antics. He is also an alumni of the Slug Club.
  • Freelance Curse Breaker: As of yet, Leonardo hasn't secured a spot on the Gringotts payroll as one of their Curse Breakers. Instead, he has chosen to gain more experience in the area and thus hires himself out on a regular basis. He is available for all manner of tomb raiding, treasure hunting, curse breaking and other adventurous shenanigans.
  • R.C.M.C.: The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures has welcomed Leonardo with open arms. He is a Trainee Agent in the Being Division. He also works out of the Goblin Liaison Office as part of his internship with Gringotts. He also offers his expertise and assistance with House Elf matters when needed.
  • Gringotts: Leonardo has a long-standing internship with Gringotts which looks to have him in line to become one of their Curse Breakers, once his dues have been paid. When you're dealing with Goblins, who knows how long that's going to take.
  • Worldly Adventures: His globetrotting lifestyle as a freelance Curse Breaker has Leonardo traveling around the world on a routine basis. He's always either coming or going, heading off on some hunt or journey into some distant part of the world for adventure. The possibilities of crossing paths or even sending him off on dangerous adventures are all there!
  • Rare Artefact Collector: His Curse Breaking adventures lend him to stumbling across or finding a variety of rare artefacts and trinkets. He's taken to collecting them, perhaps has a hobby or something more. He is fueled by legends and tales of great artefacts of wealth and power, willing to go on adventures to find and acquire these things.


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Lorenzo Zabini
Father: (b. 1899) Pure-Blood. Assistant and attache to Vincent Zabini, Lorenzo's father and Chief of the IMC Department in the Ministry. Lorenzo in Leonardo's eyes has always been quite comfortable in his grandfather's shadow. The apparent nepotism growing up gave Leonardo a sense of ambition that he would make his future on his own merit. There is a void of respect for his father the older Leo has gotten. But love and blood is never wavering.


Eufrasio Marcone
Mother: (b. 1900) Pure-Blood. A political machine! If his mother didn't choose children over career like she did. Or if she was a native to the UK, Leonardo is sure that his mother could have done it much better than Titiana Gambol. Of course he'd never say as much because the Titiana and his mother are actually very close friends.


Sophornia Zabini
Sister: (b. 1931) Pure-Blood. Born 11 years apart, Leonardo spent most of his life away from her. Early on there was a tiny sense that she was a replacement for him because he was going off to school. But with maturity that feeling faded.


Paternal Grandfather: (b. January 17th, 1875) Pure-Blood. Chief of the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Leonardo inherited and cultivated his commanding presence from his grandfather.


Langa Zabini nee Ilumbo
Paternal Grandmother: (b. 1879) Pure-Blood. Langa and Vincent fell in love when he worked with the Ministry of Africa. The Ilumbo are an African Pure-Blood family she was pretty much treated like a princess and Vincent was happy to elevate her to queen level. He spoils her and she in returns makes him feel like a king. She also makes her sons and family feel like nobility as well.


Friend: (b. March 12th, 1920) Pure-Blood. Dorea Black went through Hogwarts as a fellow Slytherin in the same year as Leonardo. Strange for a Black she was very sweet and artistic and embraced the world around them. They were very good friends and Dorea loved to sketch him, for his hair, she would say, she really enjoyed his hair.


Friend: (b. March 21 1920) Half-Blood.Even though they were in separate Houses, it's tough not to get to know someone after being in the same classes for seven years. Leonardo actually learned most of what he knows about muggles from Blenheim. So it was no surprise that he became a Muggle Liaison at the Ministry after he graduated. Since they are both at the Ministry now they often get together at the Ministry Cafe for lunch together.


Friend: Briar and Leonardo were schoolmates - with Briar graduating one year behind him. The two developed a light-hearted and joking friendship at school. All that despite her being the founder of the Mud Club. Leonardo might not be a Purist, but it put a strain on their relationship they may or may not have had before he graduated and now after that she's graduated.


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