Lestrange Family
The Lestrange Family
Family Head: Arcadius Lestrange
Home: Northamptonshire
Wealth: Well-To-Do
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
This represents what is typical for the Lestrange family. It does not necessarily apply to every branch.

Family History

The history of the Lestrange family is a difficult one to track. The Lestranges are not known for being an especially trusting people, and as such they share little about their past. What can be determined is that they can be traced back to France. Some historians believe that they came about as an offshoot of the Malfoy line; most of the same historians also assert that the Lestranges are the reason the Malfoys began to eschew the practice of inbreeding.

According to one tale, Dionysus Malfoy was the younger brother of the Malfoy patriarch. But due to generations of inbreeding, Dionysus was quite unstable. Prone to fits of hysterical behavior, Dionysus was often referred to as l'étrange (the strange one). One night, Dionysus transfigured the entire staff of the family home into furniture, and attempted to hack them apart with an axe before he was stopped by his brother. The patriarch knew the his brother had become too dangerous, but was unwilling to submit his own blood to real justice. So he sent Dionysus away to become lord of a distant estate where he would be far away from anyone he could hurt. The legend goes on to say that when Dionysus arrived at his new home, he found that it was already occupied by a witch that had fled Muggle authorities after some trouble. The two supposedly fell in love and began their own family, which would eventually become the Lestrange bloodline.

In time, the Lestranges followed the Malfoys to England, maintaining their ancient connection. Though the Lestranges are notorious for mental instability brought on by inbreeding, they are known to be a passionate people, unwavering in their beliefs, and that makes them valuable to wealthier families like the Malfoys and the Blacks.

Family Identity

Motto: "Un jeu différent." Which means: "A different game."

The family motto refers to a quote from Procrustes Lestrange, advising his son on how to defeat his enemies by being unpredictable: "You cannot lose if you are playing a different game."

A very old pure-blood line, the Lestrange Family is one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. They are closely related to the Black and Malfoy families. They have a shady history, stained with supposed practice of the Dark Arts.


More than any other family, the Lestranges have a reputation for in-breeding. However, it is also well known to be a mistake to mention it to them, as they are notorious for mental instability.

Family Members

Family members bearing the Lestrange name:

Arcadius Balthazar Mackenzie Nymera Oberon

Blood relatives without the Lestrange name:

Cedric Ismene

Family Tree

        Faolus Lestrange + Ramilda Tripe
                     |                         |
   Behari Shafiq + Ichabod Lestrange     Ismene Lestrange + Agrius Malfoy
      |                                |              |
  Arcadius  +  Portia    Anais    +  Delvin       Bernadette
  Lestrange |  Prince   Umbridge  |  Lestrange    Lestrange
            |                     |
      Oberon Lestrange   Balthazar Lestrange

Connections and Relationships

  • Malfoy Family: The Lestranges have a long and storied history with the Malfoys, possibly having branched out from that line. Today, they are loyal allies, often intermarrying with the Malfoy line.
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